10 Best Online Games for PC with Friends: Squad Up and Game On

Craving some quality time with your friends but stuck indoors? The internet, thankfully, offers a treasure trove of online games that cater to various tastes and preferences.

Best Online Games for PC with Friends

Whether you’re adventure seekers, strategy enthusiasts, or just looking for some goofy laughs, with the ever-evolving landscape of PC gaming, there’s an abundance of titles waiting to be enjoyed with your squad.

But with so many choices, narrowing down the perfect game can feel overwhelming. Fear not, fellow gamer! This guide delves into some of the 10 Best Online Games for PC with Friends, catering to various genres and preferences, to spark your next digital adventure.

10 Best Online Games for PC with Friends

1. Deep Rock Galactic

Genre: First-person shooter, co-op

For: Players who love teamwork and blasting aliens

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Dive deep into procedurally generated caves with your fellow dwarves, mining valuable minerals and facing off against hordes of grotesque insectoid enemies. The core gameplay loop is incredibly satisfying, with each mission requiring communication, coordination, and well-placed shots. Class variety keeps things fresh, and the upgrade system provides a constant sense of progression. Deep Rock Galactic is a blast for groups who want to work together, strategize, and shower each other with “Rock and Stone!” salutes.

2. Valheim

Genre: Open-world survival, crafting, co-op

For: Players who enjoy building, exploring, and conquering mythical creatures

Best Online Games for PC with Friends
image by Iron Gate AB

Channel your inner Viking in this beautifully stylized open-world survival game. Gather resources, build elaborate structures, and explore a vast, procedurally generated world teeming with mythical creatures and perilous biomes. From crafting epic weapons to sailing the high seas, Valheim offers endless possibilities for adventure. Prepare to face off against imposing bosses, build majestic longhouses, and forge lasting memories with your Viking crew.

3. Phasmophobia

Genre: Horror, co-op

For: Players who thrive on spooky thrills and teamwork

Enter haunted locations with your ghost-hunting squad, armed with various tools and equipment to identify and capture paranormal activity. Phasmophobia excels at creating a truly chilling atmosphere, with each investigation offering unique challenges and jump scares. Work together to interpret clues, identify ghost types, and ultimately escape before the spirits turn hostile. Be prepared for screams, laughter, and maybe a few sleepless nights after a particularly intense hunt.

4. Fall Guys

Genre: Party game, platformer

For: Players who enjoy chaotic fun and lighthearted competition

Best Online Games for PC with Friends
image by FallGuys

Brace yourself for absurd obstacles, wacky physics, and a whole lot of laughter in this hilarious party game. Fall Guys throws you into a series of increasingly challenging obstacle courses, where you compete with dozens of other players to be the last one standing. Expect to stumble, tumble, and get eliminated in the most comical ways imaginable. Fall Guys is perfect for unwinding with friends and creating moments of shared laughter that will stick with you long after the crowns are claimed.

5. Among Us

Genre: Social deduction, mystery

For: Players who enjoy bluffing, deduction, and a healthy dose of paranoia

Trust no one in this social deduction game where you and your crewmates must complete tasks while trying to identify the imposter(s) in your midst. The imposter’s goal is to sabotage the mission and eliminate crewmates without getting caught. Players can call emergency meetings to discuss suspicious behavior and vote out potential imposters. Among Us is a fantastic game for sparking discussions, testing friendships, and experiencing the thrill of uncovering the truth (or successfully deceiving your friends).

6. Minecraft

Genre: Sandbox, creative, survival

For: Players who love building, exploring, and collaborating

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Unleash your imagination in the iconic world of Minecraft. This sandbox game offers endless possibilities, from building sprawling castles and elaborate contraptions to exploring vast landscapes and battling mythical creatures. Whether you prefer the challenge of survival mode or the creative freedom of creative mode, Minecraft provides a platform for countless adventures with your friends.

7. Rainbow Six Siege

Genre: First-person shooter, tactical

For: Players who enjoy strategic planning and coordinated assaults

Engage in intense, tactical battles as attackers or defenders in Rainbow Six Siege. Each operator boasts unique abilities and gadgets, requiring careful planning and teamwork to execute successful strategies. The game emphasizes destruction and environmental manipulation, making each match a unique tactical puzzle to solve with your squad. Prepare for tense standoffs, thrilling breaches, and the satisfaction of executing a well-planned assault. Rainbow Six Siege is perfect for players who crave the thrill of coordinated play and the satisfaction of overcoming challenging opponents through strategic brilliance.

8. Rocket League

Genre: Sports, vehicular

For: Players who enjoy fast-paced action, competition, and a dash of absurdity

Strap yourselves in for a high-octane experience where rocket-powered cars take the field for intense soccer matches. Rocket League combines the thrill of competition with the hilarious physics of rocket-powered vehicles, leading to spectacular goals, acrobatic saves, and moments of pure joy (and frustration). Whether you’re aiming for competitive glory or just some casual fun, Rocket League offers an addictive and unique gameplay experience.

9. Terraria

Genre: Sandbox, action-adventure

For: Players who enjoy exploration, combat, and progression

Dive into a sprawling 2D world brimming with secrets and dangers in Terraria. This sandbox adventure game features exploration, crafting, combat, and boss battles, offering a satisfying loop of progression and discovery. Team up with friends to build magnificent structures, delve into deep caverns, and conquer challenging bosses. Terraria provides a charming and addictive experience for players of all skill levels.

10. Stardew Valley

Genre: Simulation, farming, social

For: Players who enjoy a slower pace, community building, and cooperative play

Best Online Games for PC with Friends
image by ConcernedApe

Escape the hustle and bustle of city life and settle down in the charming town of Stardew Valley. This farming simulator allows you to cultivate crops, raise animals, build relationships with the townsfolk, and even team up with friends to manage a farm together. Stardew Valley offers a relaxing and wholesome experience, perfect for unwinding and connecting with friends in a peaceful virtual world.


The joy of online gaming lies in connecting with friends, sharing experiences, and creating lasting memories. These 10 games offer a diverse range of genres and experiences, ensuring there’s something for everyone. So, gather your crew, boot up your PCs, and embark on epic adventures, strategic battles, or just some good old-fashioned fun. Remember, the best online games are often the ones played with laughter, teamwork, and a willingness to embrace the unexpected.

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Q&A Section

Q: What if I don’t have a lot of friends who play PC games?

A: There are many online communities dedicated to finding gaming buddies! Check out forums, subreddits, or Discord servers for games that interest you. You can also try playing online co-op games with random players, which can be a great way to meet new people with similar interests.

Q: What if my internet connection isn’t very good?

A: Some games require a more stable internet connection than others. Make sure to check the system requirements for any game before you buy it. There are also many online games that are designed for lower bandwidth connections.

Q: Are there any free best online games for PC with friends?

A: Absolutely! Many popular games offer free-to-play options, such as League of Legends, Fortnite, and Dota 2. There are also many smaller indie games that are free to play.

Q: What if my friends and I have different skill levels?

A: Many online games offer features that help players of different skill levels enjoy the game together. For example, some games have matchmaking systems that pair you up with players of similar skill, while others have difficulty levels that can be adjusted.

Q: What are some other great online games for PC with friends?

A: This list just scratches the surface! There are countless other fantastic games out there, so be sure to explore different genres and find ones that appeal to your group’s interests.

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