How to Get Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go- A Comprehensive Guide (2024)

In the expansive world of Pokémon Go, trainers are constantly seeking out rare and powerful creatures to add to their teams. One such legendary Pokémon that has captured the attention of players worldwide is Zygarde, a formidable Dragon/Ground type known for its strength and resilience.

How to Get Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go
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However, unlocking the full potential of Zygarde requires gathering Zygarde Cells scattered throughout the game world and can be collected by players to transform Zygarde from its 10% Forme, resembling a dog, to its 50% Forme, which is more serpentine in appearance, and ultimately to its Complete Forme, which is the most powerful and resembles a humanoid giant. Understanding how to locate and collect these Zygarde Cells efficiently is essential for any dedicated Pokémon Go player looking to enhance their roster with this legendary powerhouse. This guide will delve into everything you need to know about acquiring Zygarde Cells in Pokemon GO.

Obtaining Zygarde: A Prerequisite

Before you embark on your Zygarde Cell collection journey, you’ll need to acquire a Zygarde first. This is achieved by completing the Special Research questline called “From A to Zygarde.” This quest chain became available in late July 2023 alongside the introduction of Routes and Zygarde. By finishing the initial steps of the research, you’ll be rewarded with a Zygarde in its 10% Forme and a Zygarde Cube. The Zygarde Cube acts as the key to collecting Zygarde Cells.

How to Get Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go
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Routes: The Path to Zygarde Cells

The Zygarde Cube serves as the key to finding Zygarde Cells. However, unlike catching most Pokemon, Zygarde Cells won’t appear in the wild or through raids. Instead, you’ll need to utilize the Routes feature introduced in Pokemon GO alongside Zygarde’s arrival.

Routes are the sole method for obtaining Zygarde Cells in Pokémon GO. Routes are player-created paths designed to encourage exploration and provide in-game rewards. These mapped routes can be explored by other trainers, offering a chance to encounter Pokémon, collect items, and, most importantly for our purposes, discover Zygarde Cells.

Here’s how to find and explore Routes for Zygarde Cells:

  1. Access the Routes Menu: Tap the “Nearby” icon on the main map screen. It’s located beneath the magnifying glass.
  2. Navigate to “Routes”: Swipe through the tabs until you reach “Route.”
  3. Explore Existing Routes: Select “See Nearby Routes” to view a list of user-generated Routes in your vicinity.
  4. Choose a Route: Pick a Route that interests you and tap it to learn more about its distance and potential rewards.
  5. Start Your Exploration: Once you’ve chosen a Route, tap “Start Route” to begin your trek.

Important Note: There’s a daily cap on the number of Zygarde Cells you can collect – currently set at three. So, be sure to explore Routes daily to maximize your cell collection!

Keeping Your Eyes Peeled: Spotting Zygarde Cells

Zygarde Cells are small, glowing green-yellowish icons that appear along the path of a Route. They’re easily missed, especially while navigating the Route itself. Here are some tips for spotting Zygarde Cells:

  • Slow Down: Don’t rush through the Route. Take your time and keep an eye out for the telltale green glow.
  • Double-Check the Map: Occasionally, the cell icon might appear slightly off the designated Route path on your map. Zoom in and scan the surrounding area if you suspect a cell might be nearby.
  • Search Before Completing: Don’t complete the Route immediately upon reaching the end point. Walk around the final stretch and explore nearby areas for any lingering Zygarde Cells.

Optimizing Your Zygarde Cell Collection

While there’s no guaranteed method to find Zygarde Cells on every Route, here are some strategies employed by experienced trainers to maximize their collection:

  • Explore Diverse Routes: Don’t just stick to one Route! Try out different player-created paths to increase your chances of encountering Zygarde Cells.
  • Complete the Entire Route: While it’s tempting to rush through a Route, make sure to explore the entire path. Zygarde Cells can appear anywhere along the designated course.
  • Strategic Stopping: Some players have reported success with stopping just before completing a Route. This might trigger a Zygarde Cell to spawn near your location. However, this technique isn’t guaranteed, so experiment at your own discretion.
  • The Restart Trick (Unconfirmed): Some players report success with a tactic involving restarting the app while exploring a Route. The theory suggests that restarting near the Route’s end point might trigger a Zygarde Cell spawn. However, this method lacks definitive confirmation from Niantic, the game’s developer.
How to Get Zygarde Cells in Pokemon Go
image by Niantic

Evolving Zygarde: The Power of Cells

Once you’ve collected enough Zygarde Cells, it’s time to power up your Zygarde! Here’s how the Cell collection translates to Zygarde’s evolution:

  • 10% Forme (Base): This is the form you receive upon completing the “From A to Zygarde” Special Research.
  • 50% Forme: Requires 100 Zygarde Cells.
  • Complete Forme: Requires an additional 100 Zygarde Cells for a total of 200 Zygarde Cells.

Note: Evolving Zygarde doesn’t involve any candy or specific locations. Once you have the required Cells, the evolution option will unlock within your Pokémon storage menu.


By following these steps and utilizing the tips provided, you’ll be well on your way to collecting enough Zygarde Cells and evolving your Zygarde to its full potential. Remember, consistency is key! Daily exploration of Routes and maximizing your three daily Cell collections will steadily empower your Zygarde. With dedication, you’ll soon have a formidable Zygarde ready to join your Pokémon GO team!

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Q&A Section

Q: Can I create my own Routes to find Zygarde Cells?

A: Unfortunately, creating Routes doesn’t guarantee finding Zygarde Cells. However, you can create and share Routes with other trainers, encouraging exploration within your community.

Q: Is there a way to track my Zygarde Cell collection progress?

A: Unfortunately, there’s no in-game tracker for Zygarde Cells. The best way to keep track is to manually note down the number of Cells you collect each day.

Q: Do Zygarde Cells expire?

A: No, Zygarde Cells do not expire. Once you collect them, they’ll be available for use towards evolving your Zygarde.

Q: How many Zygarde cells are required to assemble Zygarde in Pokémon GO?

A: In Pokémon GO, 100 Zygarde cells are required to assemble Zygarde, transforming them into this formidable Dragon/Ground-type Pokémon.

Q: Are there any tips for efficiently locating Zygarde cells within Pokémon GO?

A: To efficiently locate Zygarde cells, diversify your exploration by visiting various habitats, stay informed about in-game events and updates, coordinate with friends for trading and collaboration, and remain persistent in your quest for these elusive cells.

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