Is PUBG Copying Fortnite? Destructible Environments and More in the Upcoming Update 2024

PUBG, the original king of battle royales, is getting a major upgrade in 2024. After years of establishing itself as a frontrunner in the genre, developer Krafton is committed to keeping PUBG fresh and exciting for veterans and newcomers alike.

PUBG Gets a Major Upgrade in 2024
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Here’s a breakdown of the major changes coming to the King of Battle Royales this year: destructible environments, a move to Unreal Engine 5, and a potential future for user-generated content.

Destructible Environments: A New Layer of Strategy

Get ready to see battlefields transformed in real time. One of the most anticipated additions to PUBG is the introduction of destructible environments. This means players will have the ability to strategically blow up or break down parts of buildings, opening up new lines of sight, creating defensive positions, or even collapsing structures on unsuspecting enemies.

Imagine blasting a hole in a wall to flank an opponent or strategically bringing down a shaky tower to eliminate cover for a camping sniper. Destructible environments promise to add a whole new layer of depth and tactical thinking to PUBG’s already intense gameplay.

The initial rollout of destructible environments is expected in an update scheduled for April 2024. Krafton has indicated that this will be an evolving feature, with further refinements and additions planned for future updates.

PUBG Gets a Major Upgrade in 2024
image by Krafton

Unreal Engine 5: Powering the Next Generation of PUBG

PUBG is taking a significant leap forward in graphics and performance with its move to Unreal Engine 5. This upgrade promises a visual overhaul, with more realistic textures, lighting effects, and environmental details. Players can expect stunning landscapes, immersive weather conditions, and overall more lifelike battlegrounds.

Beyond aesthetics, Unreal Engine 5 boasts significant performance improvements. This could translate to smoother gameplay, faster loading times, and a potentially more stable experience across different devices.

The transition to Unreal Engine 5 also paves the way for future advancements. This powerful engine is known for its ability to handle complex physics simulations and large-scale environments, which could potentially lead to even more dynamic and expansive battlefields in PUBG.

Looking Ahead: The Potential of User-Generated Content

While not confirmed yet, Krafton has hinted at the possibility of a user-generated content (UGC) system for PUBG in the future. The move to Unreal Engine 5 lays the groundwork for such a system, potentially allowing players to create and share their own custom maps, game modes, and even cosmetic items.

A robust UGC system could breathe new life into PUBG, fostering a thriving creative community and offering players a constant stream of fresh experiences. Imagine battling it out in player-designed maps that cater to specific playstyles or participating in unique game modes dreamed up by the community.

More to Come: A Year of Updates and Collaborations

The news doesn’t stop there. Krafton has outlined a roadmap for PUBG in 2024 that includes frequent gunplay updates, improvements to matchmaking and Ranked play, and exciting collaborations.

Regular gunplay adjustments aim to maintain a balanced and competitive environment while matchmaking improvements strive to create fairer and more enjoyable matches for players of all skill levels. Collaborations with other franchises or popular figures could bring unique cosmetics, game modes, or even themed events to PUBG.

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PUBG’s 2024 roadmap paints a compelling picture of a game determined to stay at the forefront of the battle royale genre. Destructible environments promise to revolutionize gameplay, while the move to Unreal Engine 5 offers a visual and performance boost. The potential for user-generated content adds another exciting layer to the future of PUBG.

With frequent updates, a focus on competitive balance, and exciting collaborations on the horizon, PUBG is poised to continue captivating players for years to come. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, 2024 is a great time to jump into the fray and experience the thrill of PUBG.

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Q&A Section

Q: When are destructible environments coming to PUBG?

A: The first iteration of destructible environments is expected to arrive in an update scheduled for April 2024.

Q: What kind of destruction can we expect?

A: Players will likely be able to break down walls, doors, and potentially even some structures. The exact details and limitations are still under development.

Q: How will the move to Unreal Engine 5 affect PUBG?

A: Expect visual improvements, smoother gameplay, and potentially faster loading times. Unreal Engine 5 also lays the groundwork for future advancements.

Q: How will user-generated content work in PUBG?

A: Details are still limited, but Krafton is laying the groundwork for a system that allows players to create and share custom maps, game modes, and potentially even cosmetic items.

Q: What kind of Ranked Play changes are coming?

A: Specific details haven’t been revealed yet, but expect changes aimed at making Ranked play more rewarding and competitive.

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