Top 10 Underrated Gems on Netflix Games (That Deserve More Attention)

For many, Netflix is synonymous with chilling on the couch and catching up on the latest shows and movies. But did you know your subscription also unlocks a treasure trove of hidden gaming gems? Netflix has been steadily building its gaming library, offering a diverse range of titles for mobile devices.

While some popular titles like Stranger Things and Knights of the Old Republic grab the spotlight, many fantastic games deserve a closer look.

Top 10 Underrated Gems on Netflix Games

Here’s our pick for the top 10 underrated games on Netflix that you should definitely check out:

1. Arcana: A League of Legends Story (Card Game Adventure):

Calling all card game enthusiasts and League of Legends fans! Arcana offers a unique blend of strategic card battles and narrative exploration set in the rich lore of League of Legends. You take on the role of Jinx, a mischievous inventor, who builds her deck and tackles challenges throughout her wacky adventures.

The game features familiar champions from League of Legends, each with special abilities that translate into the card mechanics. Unlike traditional card games, Arcana throws in narrative elements with branching storylines and decision-making that affect the story’s outcome. It’s a delightful surprise for League of Legends fans and a compelling card game experience for everyone else.

2. Reigns: Three Kingdoms (Strategic Decision-Making):

If you enjoy quick, bite-sized bursts of strategy, Reigns: Three Kingdoms is a must-try. This game takes inspiration from the classic Chinese historical novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” and throws you into the heart of a power struggle.

As a ruler during this turbulent era, you’ll swipe left or right on cards representing various situations, characters, and choices. Each decision has consequences, and your goal is to maintain a balance between the people’s happiness, your advisors’ approval, and the ever-present threat of war.

The simple mechanics belie a surprisingly deep and engaging experience, with multiple endings and historical references that history buffs will appreciate. Reigns: Three Kingdoms is a perfect game for short commutes or waiting in line, offering a unique blend of strategy and historical intrigue.

3. This War of Mine: Stories (Emotional Survival):

This War of Mine: Stories is not your typical mobile game. It tackles a mature theme: the struggles of civilians caught in a brutal war. You take control of a group of civilians trying to survive amidst the horrors of war.

The game focuses on resource management, crafting, and making difficult moral choices. Scavenge for supplies, craft tools and necessities, and make tough decisions about who gets to eat or sleep in a heated bed. This War of Mine: Stories is a harrowing but important experience that sheds light on the human cost of war.

4. Poinpy (Puzzle Platformer):

Looking for a charming and relaxing puzzle platformer? Look no further than Poinpy. This adorable game features a cute pink blob named Poinpy who can inflate and deflate to navigate a whimsical world.

The puzzles cleverly use Poinpy’s size-changing abilities, requiring you to inflate to reach high platforms or deflate to squeeze through tight spaces. The art style is vibrant and colorful, and the soundtrack is suitably whimsical. Poinpy is a delightful and relaxing experience, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

5. Exploding Kittens – The Eternal Deck (Party Card Game):

Calling all fans of the popular party card game Exploding Kittens! This digital version offers the same fast-paced fun and strategic chaos as the physical card game. Players take turns drawing cards, hoping to avoid the dreaded Exploding Kitten card.

Use special cards to mess with your opponents, such as “Skip” or “See the Future,” in a frantic race to avoid the exploding kitty. The fast-paced gameplay and hilarious card effects make Exploding Kittens – The Eternal Deck a perfect game for livening up parties or game nights with friends.

6. Arboretum (Tile-Laying Strategy):

Calling all strategy fans with a competitive streak! Arboretum offers a beautiful and deceptively deep tile-laying experience. Players compete to score the most points by strategically placing scoring trees in their personal arboretum. Different tree types score points based on specific conditions, requiring careful planning and adaptation.

The game’s elegance lies in its simple rules that mask a surprising amount of strategic depth. Arboretum is perfect for quick, strategic battles with friends or challenging the AI for a solo test of your tile-laying prowess.

7. Asphalt Xtreme: Rally Racing (Fast-Paced Racing):

Gear up for some adrenaline-pumping off-road racing with Asphalt Xtreme! This high-octane racer throws you behind the wheel of monster trucks, buggies, and rally cars, tearing through dusty landscapes, icy mountains, and lush jungles.

The game boasts stunning visuals and a responsive control scheme, making every drift and jump feel exhilarating. Take on challenging races, compete in online leaderboards, or simply explore the vast open worlds at your own pace. Asphalt Xtreme is a must-try for any racing fan looking for a thrilling mobile experience.

8. Kingdom Rush: Frontiers (Tower Defense):

Calling all tower defense enthusiasts! Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is the latest installment in the critically acclaimed tower defense series. The game throws you into the thick of epic battles, defending your realm from hordes of monstrous invaders. Strategically place powerful towers along pathways, unleashing spells and abilities to decimate the enemy forces.

With a variety of towers, upgrade paths, and challenging levels, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers offers endless strategic depth and replayability. It’s a perfect game for players who enjoy planning ahead and watching their defenses shred through waves of enemies.

9. Into the Breach (Strategic Turn-Based Combat):

For those seeking a truly unique and challenging strategic experience, Into the Breach is a must-play. This turn-based combat game puts you in control of giant mechs tasked with defending humanity from a monstrous alien invasion. The game’s core mechanic revolves around manipulating the timeline. You can see the enemy’s actions in advance, allowing you to strategically position your mechs to intercept attacks and minimize damage.

However, every action has consequences, and unforeseen events can drastically alter the battlefield. Into the Breach offers a brilliant blend of strategy, puzzle-solving, and risk-reward gameplay, making it a truly special title.

10. Krispee Street (Narrative Puzzle Adventure):

If you enjoy a good story alongside your puzzles, then Krispee Street is the game for you. This narrative-driven puzzle adventure follows Akiko, a young woman searching for her missing sister in a strange and vibrant city. As you explore the city’s colorful districts, you’ll encounter a cast of quirky characters and solve unique puzzles that tie into the overarching narrative.

The game’s pixel art style is charming, and the soundtrack perfectly complements the story’s mysterious atmosphere. Krispee Street is a delightful experience for puzzle enthusiasts and anyone who enjoys a captivating story.

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These 10 games are just a taste of the hidden gems waiting to be discovered on Netflix Games. So next time you’re looking for a new mobile game to try, skip the app store and explore the library within your Netflix subscription. You might be surprised by the quality and variety of games available, all completely free with your subscription!

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