Breaking News: Capcom Confirms New Resident Evil Game is in Development

Calling all horror enthusiasts and fans of spine-tingling scares! On July 2nd, 2024, during their summer showcase broadcast, Capcom, the renowned video game developer, finally confirmed what many had eagerly anticipated – a new installment in the legendary Resident Evil franchise is officially in development!

This exciting news comes after months of speculation and rumors swirling around the possibility of Resident Evil 9. While Capcom hasn’t revealed an official title just yet, fans can expect this new chapter to be a mainline entry, following the critically acclaimed Resident Evil Village released in 2021.

Leading the Development Charge

Taking the helm for this highly anticipated project is none other than Koshi Nakanishi, the visionary director behind Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. Nakanishi’s expertise in crafting a chilling and suspenseful atmosphere is sure to send shivers down players’ spines. In a statement during the showcase, Nakanishi acknowledged the challenges of following up on the success of Resident Evil 7, but reassured fans that a “substantial” concept has been developed.

Development Insights

Speaking at the end of the Capcom Next: Summer 2024 program, Nakanishi shared limited details about the project:

“We’re making a new Resident Evil. It was really difficult to figure out what to do after Resident Evil 7, but I found it, and to be honest, it feels substantial. I can’t share any details just yet, but I hope you’re excited for the day I can.”

This statement suggests that the new game will be a significant addition to the Resident Evil series. The term ‘substantial’ implies an extensive and possibly innovative gameplay experience.

Details Remain a Mystery

While the announcement has sent chills of excitement through the Resident Evil fanbase, Capcom has remained tight-lipped regarding specific details about the game. There’s no official word on the storyline, setting, or gameplay mechanics. This lack of information has only fueled the flames of anticipation, with fans feverishly theorizing and piecing together clues from the brief announcement.

Will it Return to First-Person?

One of the biggest questions on everyone’s minds is whether the new Resident Evil will retain the first-person perspective that Nakanishi successfully implemented in Resident Evil 7. This shift in perspective proved to be a bold and effective move, creating a more immersive and terrifying experience for players. While some fans favor the classic third-person view of previous entries, the success of Resident Evil 7 suggests the first-person approach may make a return.

A Return to Familiar Faces, or Something Entirely New?

Another burning question is whether the new game will feature the return of well-known characters like Chris Redfield or Jill Valentine, or introduce an entirely new cast to navigate the horrors that await. The Resident Evil universe boasts a rich tapestry of characters, and the potential for both established heroes and chilling new villains is equally exciting.

A New Chapter in Horror Awaits

While details are scarce, one thing is certain – Capcom’s confirmation of a new Resident Evil game is a cause for celebration for horror aficionados worldwide. With Nakanishi’s proven talent at the helm, players can expect a terrifying and unforgettable experience that will push the boundaries of the genre.

The wait for more information may be agonizing, but the anticipation only heightens the excitement. As more details surface, one thing is for sure – the next chapter in the Resident Evil saga is sure to be a must-play for horror enthusiasts everywhere.

In the coming months, fans can expect Capcom to reveal more information about the new Resident Evil game, including a potential release date, platforms, and hopefully, some tantalizing glimpses of gameplay. Until then, speculation will undoubtedly continue to run rampant, with fans dissecting every detail from the announcement for clues about what horrors await them in the next installment of this iconic horror franchise.

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Q&A Section

Q: Is Resident Evil 9 officially confirmed?

A: Yes! Capcom confirmed a new mainline Resident Evil game is in development during their July 2nd, 2024 showcase.

Q: Who’s directing the new game?

A: Koshi Nakanishi, director of the chilling Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, will be leading development.

Q: Do we know anything about the story or setting?

A: No story or setting details have been revealed yet. Capcom is keeping those under wraps for now.

Q: Will it be first-person like Resident Evil 7?

A: There’s no official word on perspective, but the success of RE7 makes it a possibility.

Q: When can we expect to hear more?

A: Capcom will likely reveal more details about the new Resident Evil game in the coming months, including a release date, platforms, and hopefully, some gameplay footage.

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