Prince of Persia- The Lost Crown Weapon Upgrade Guide

Prince of Persia- The Lost Crown developed and published by Ubisoft, is a challenging Metroidvania game that progressively gets tougher as the story unfolds. Roaming the vibrant landscapes of Prince of Persia- The Lost Crown can be exhilarating, but it’s not all parkour and pomegranate smoothies.

Prince of Persia- The Lost Crown
image by Ubisoft

Lurking shadows harbor corrupted beasts and fiendish foes, making a trusty blade (or two) an absolute necessity. Upgrading weapons is crucial for success, especially when facing formidable foes. Our comprehensive guide will walk you through the process, ensuring you are well-equipped to tackle the challenges that lie ahead.

Prince of Persia- The Lost Crown Upgrade Process

Before we delve into fiery upgrades, let’s find the workshop. After starting the game, progress through the story until you reach the location called “Haven.” Engage with characters like Farbia, The Mage, and Artaban. Continue with the storyline, defeating mini-bosses, until you make your way back through Haven. Look for a glowing yellow-white pattern on a wall; this signifies the entrance to Kaheva, The Blacksmith, who offers weapon upgrades.

What Do I Need for Weapon Upgrades?

To initiate upgrades, focus on advancing the story. After encountering Kaheva, The Blacksmith, you’ll need Azure Damascus Ore for enhancements. Swords should be your priority for upgrading, as Azure Damascus Ore is scarce. Avoid spending this resource on other upgrades initially; wait until you can achieve at least +2 upgrades, and ideally, aim for +3 and +4 upgrades.

There are three key currencies for weapon upgrades:

  • Time Crystals: Glimmering shards found throughout the world, dropped by enemies, and hidden in secret nooks. They’re the common currency, used for basic upgrades and purchasing additional weapon slots.
  • Xerxes Coins: Gleaming tokens earned by conquering platforming challenges and completing puzzles. These unlock advanced upgrades and additional potion capacity.
  • Azure Damascus Ore: Rare and precious gems, essential for maxing out your gear. Keep your eyes peeled for hidden chambers and challenging foes; they guard these treasures fiercely.

Strategic Upgrade Choices

While upgrading swords is crucial, you can also enhance your bow quiver without using Damascus Ore, allowing you to carry more ammo. Time Crystals, collected from various sources in the game, are essential for upgrades that only cost Crystals. Additionally, our guide covers amulets, providing valuable insights for strategic choices.

A Warrior Needs His Weapons

As one of the Immortals, Sargon is armed to the teeth throughout Prince of Persia- The Lost Crown, equipped with weapons that serve him well in the face of monsters, flying pests, and formidable bosses in Mount Qaf. Let’s delve into the arsenal that makes Sargon an unstoppable force.

Qas and Layla Swords

Presented by his mentor Anahita, Sargon’s Qas and Layla Swords serve as his primary weapons. The majority of attacks are available from the start, but an Amulet enhances combos for more damage. These swords, free to use and indestructible, are instrumental in toppling numerous adversaries.

Bow of Menolias

Obtained early in the story from Sargon’s ally Menolias, the Bow of Menolias is a potent ranged weapon capable of dealing with both aerial and grounded enemies. Beyond combat, it plays a crucial role in platforming, making it a versatile tool in Sargon’s hands.


The Chakram, the third and final weapon in Sargon’s arsenal, is essential for progressing through the game, navigating tricky platforming sections, and opening paths. It doubles as a potent throwing weapon, allowing for strategic attacks and continuous damage through skillful parrying.

Beyond the Blade

Weapon upgrades are just one piece of the puzzle. Don’t neglect these additional boosts:

  • Amulets: Equipable trinkets offering stat bonuses and unique abilities. Experiment to find combinations that suit your playstyle.
  • Athra Surges: Combat techniques unlocked by collecting Athra crystals. Master these powerful moves to unleash devastating attacks.
  • Potions: Healing elixirs and stat-boosting concoctions. Upgrade their capacity and potency for extra survivability.
Prince of Persia- The Lost Crown
image by Ubisoft

Pro Tips for the Polished Prince

  • Prioritize Swords: Azure Damascus Ore is limited, so focus on maxing out your Scimitars or Claymores first.
  • Don’t Overspend: Early upgrades are cheap, but later ones skyrocket in cost. Plan your investments carefully.
  • Hidden Potential: Some weapons have secret upgrade paths tied to specific actions or locations. Explore, experiment, and be rewarded!
  • Sharpen Your Focus: Certain enemies drop upgrade materials specific to their weapon type. Target them strategically to gather resources.
  • Embrace the Sands: Time Trials offer lucrative rewards, including upgrade materials. Hone your parkour skills and reap the benefits.


With careful planning and resource management, you can transform your Prince into a whirlwind of steel and grace. Remember, a true hero isn’t just defined by their blade, but by their cunning, adaptability, and unwavering spirit. So go forth, Sandshifters, wield your upgraded arsenal with pride, and reclaim the Lost Crown!

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Q&A Section

Q: Can I upgrade my bow quiver without using Damascus Ore?

A: Yes, upgrading your bow quiver to hold more ammo does not require Damascus Ore.

Q: What should be my priority for upgrades?

A: Focus on upgrading swords first, preserving Azure Damascus Ore for these enhancements. Aim for at least +2 upgrades before considering other options.

Q: Is there a guide for amulets and their upgrades?

A: Analyze the boss’s weaknesses and adjust your upgrades accordingly. If they’re fast and aggressive, prioritize dodging and swift attacks. If they’re heavily armored, focus on breaking their guard and dealing heavy damage.

Q: I can’t find any Azure Damascus Ore! Where are they hidden?

A: Explore secret areas, complete challenging platforming sections, and defeat difficult enemies. They often reward the most valuable resources.

Q: What are the best amulets for combat?

A: The “Viper’s Embrace” amulet for increased critical hit chance and the “Lion’s Roar” for stronger attacks are excellent choices. Ultimately, the best amulet depends

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