How to Get Incineroar (and its Shiny Form!) in Pokemon GO(2024)

Incineroar, the final evolution of the fire-type starter Litten from the Alola region, is a popular Fire/Dark-type Pokemon known for its impressive strength and fiery personality. Pokemon GO Trainers seeking a powerful battle companion can add Incineroar to their collection.

How to Get Incineroar in Pokemon GO
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This guide will detail the methods for acquiring Incineroar, including how to find its base form Litten, and the candy required for evolution.

Catching Litten: The First Step

The journey to obtaining Incineroar begins with catching Litten, the adorable Fire-type starter Pokemon from the Alola region. While Incineroar itself might not be readily encountered in the wild, Litten has a chance to spawn, especially during events that spotlight Alolan Pokemon. Here are some ways to increase your chances of encountering Litten:

  • Events: Keep an eye out for events featuring Alolan Pokemon. These events often have increased spawn rates for Litten and its evolutions. The recent Season of Alola offered a temporary boost to Litten appearances.
  • Incense and Lure Modules: Using Incense or activating a Lure Module at a Pokestop can attract nearby Pokemon, including Litten if it’s present in the area.
  • Field Research: Occasionally, Field Research tasks might reward players with encounters with Litten or other Alolan Pokemon. Completing these tasks can be a good way to snag a Litten, especially during events that offer specific encounter rewards.
  • Trading with Friends: If a friend has a spare Litten, trading can be a quick way to acquire one. Just remember the trade distance and Stardust cost will depend on your friendship level.

Powering Up for Evolution: From Litten to Torracat

Once you’ve captured a Litten, it’s time to evolve it into its first stage, Torracat. Evolving Litten requires 25 Litten Candies, which can be obtained through the following methods:

  • Catching More Littens: Every time you catch a Litten, you’ll receive Litten Candy (and a bonus if you use a Pinap Berry during capture).
  • Transferring Littens: Transferring unwanted Littens to Professor Willow also yields Litten Candy.
  • Walking with Litten as your Buddy Pokemon: Assigning Litten as your Buddy Pokemon allows you to earn candy while walking a certain distance.

The Final Blaze: Evolving Torracat into Incineroar

The final step involves evolving your Torracat into the magnificent Incineroar. This evolution requires 100 Litten Candies, so be prepared to dedicate some time and effort. Here are some strategies to maximize your candy collection:

  • Litten Spotlight Hour: If you’re fortunate enough to experience a Litten Spotlight Hour event, take advantage of the increased spawn rate to catch a significant amount of Litten and collect candy.
  • Use Lucky Eggs: When evolving your Pokemon, using a Lucky Egg grants double the usual amount of candy. This can significantly boost your candy gain during capture sessions or Buddy Pokemon walks.
  • Pinap Berry Strategy: Always use Pinap Berries when catching Litten, as they increase the amount of candy received per catch.
How to Get Incineroar in Pokemon GO
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Maximizing Your Incineroar’s Potential

Once you’ve acquired your Incineroar, it’s time to power it up and unlock its full potential. Here are some ways to achieve this:

  • Power Ups: Powering up Incineroar requires Litten candy and Stardust. Utilize the candy you collected during the evolution process and continue catching Littens or transferring duplicates for additional candy. Stardust can be obtained by catching Pokemon, hatching eggs, participating in raids, and using Star Pieces.
  • Fast and Charged Attacks: Incineroar has access to a variety of powerful fast and charged attacks. Choose a moveset that complements your desired battle strategy. For instance, Fire Fang as a fast attack offers consistent damage, while Darkest Lariat as a charged attack deals heavy damage but requires a longer cooldown time.
  • Training and Battling: Train your Incineroar against other Pokemon to increase its Combat Power (CP). Participating in Gym battles, Raid Battles, and Trainer Battles are excellent ways to earn XP and Stardust for further powering up.

Additional Tips for Obtaining Incineroar

  • Community Day: Niantic occasionally hosts Community Days dedicated to specific Pokemon. If Litten is featured in a future Community Day, it will likely have a significantly increased spawn rate and potentially offer bonuses for catching or evolving Litten. Stock up on Poke Balls and Pinap Berries to maximize your candy gain during such an event.
  • Trading with Other Trainers: If you have Pokemon that other trainers desire, consider trading them for a Litten or even a Torracat. This can be a quicker way to acquire an Incineroar if you have the Pokemon others are looking for.
  • Patience and Persistence: Collecting enough candy to evolve Litten into Incineroar takes time and dedication. Be patient, keep catching Littens, utilize the methods mentioned above, and you’ll eventually have your own Incineroar.

Can Incineroar be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

Yes, Incineroar can be shiny in Pokemon GO! However, encountering its shiny form is a matter of chance. Here’s what you need to know:

  • Shiny Litten Acquisition: The key to obtaining a shiny Incineroar lies in finding a shiny Litten. Shiny Litten has a different color palette compared to its regular form. The best opportunity to encounter a shiny Litten arises during Litten Community Day. The increased spawn rate of Litten during this event makes it more likely to encounter a shiny variant.
  • Evolving Shiny Litten: Once you acquire a shiny Litten, evolve it into Torracat and then Incineroar will preserve its shiny form. The evolution process remains the same (25 candies for Litten to Torracat and 100 candies for Torracat to Incineroar), but the resulting Incineroar will be a magnificent shiny variant.
How to Get Incineroar
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With dedication and strategic planning, you can add the fiery Incineroar to your Pokemon GO team. This powerful Pokemon excels in both offensive and defensive roles, making it a valuable asset in Gym battles, Raid Battles, and Trainer Battles. Remember, patience and perseverance are key, so get out there, explore the world, and capture those Litten!

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Q&A Section

Q: Can I find Incineroar in the wild?

A: Incineroar is currently very rare to find in the wild. Your best bet is to capture Litten and evolve it through the traditional method.

Q: What are some of Incineroar’s best movesets?

A: Incineroar has a variety of effective movesets depending on your battle strategy. Popular options include Darkest Lariat and Close Combat for physical attacks, and Blast Burn and Flamethrower for Fire-type damage.

Q: Can I hatch Incineroar from Eggs?

A: No, Incineroar cannot be hatched from Eggs in Pokemon GO. You’ll need to catch Litten and evolve it through the traditional method.

Q: Can I get a Shiny Incineroar?

A: Yes, you can! Shiny versions of Litten, Torracat, and Incineroar exist in Pokemon GO. Shiny Litten can be encountered in the wild during specific events featuring Alolan Pokemon or through special Research tasks. Once you have a Shiny Litten, you can evolve it into a Shiny Torracat and then a Shiny Incineroar using the same Candy requirements as their non-shiny counterparts.

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