Pokémon GO Fest 2024: Gear Up for Global Adventures and the Mythical Marshadow!

The details for Pokemon GO Fest 2024 have been revealed. Get ready to dust off your Poke Balls and stock up on berries, because Pokemon GO Fest 2024 is here, promising an electrifying summer filled with exciting adventures, both local and global.

Pokemon GO Fest 2024
image by Niantic(The Pokemon Company)

Niantic has unveiled the details for this year’s festivities, and it’s shaping up to be the biggest and most thrilling GO Fest yet. Let’s dive into everything you need to know!

Pokemon GO Fest- Global Adventures Await!

Pokemon GO Fest 2024 promises a summer filled with exciting gameplay opportunities for Trainers worldwide. Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect:

Global Celebration (July 13th & 14th)

The best part? You don’t have to be at the in-person events to join the fun! Pokemon GO Fest 2024 also features a global event accessible to Trainers worldwide on July 13th and 14th. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Encounter Over 70 Pokemon: Prepare to encounter a diverse range of Pokemon throughout the event, including special costumed Pokemon you won’t find anywhere else.
  • Exclusive Research and Challenges: Test your Trainer skills with unique research tasks and exciting challenges designed to keep you engaged throughout the weekend.
  • Increased Spawns and Bonuses: Get ready for a surge in Pokemon spawns and special bonuses that will help you level up, collect items, and enhance your catching experience.

In-Person Events

Pokemon GO Fest isn’t just about catching Pokemon from your couch. This year, three vibrant locations will host in-person events, allowing Trainers to explore new cities, connect with fellow players, and participate in exciting on-site activities:

  • Sendai, Japan (May 30th – June 2nd): Kicking off the festivities is Sendai, Japan, aptly nicknamed “The Greenest City.” Get ready for a unique Pokemon GO experience amidst the city’s lush greenery.
  • Madrid, Spain (June 14th – 16th): Immerse yourself in the rich culture of Madrid, Spain, while catching Pokemon in the heart of this European gem.
  • New York City, USA (July 5th – 7th): The Big Apple joins the Pokemon GO Fest party! Explore the diverse neighborhoods of New York City alongside fellow Trainers on this action-packed weekend.

Ticket Information and Exclusive Gameplay

Early bird tickets for the Pokemon Go Fest 2024 in Sendai have already sold out and standard tickets priced at ¥3,600 will be available for purchase starting April. Similarly, Early bird tickets for the Madrid Fest are priced at €27, with the standard ticket price of €32. The early bird tickets to the New York festival are priced at $25, while standard tickets are for $30. Exclusive gameplay and special bonuses await event pass holders, including the opportunity to encounter and capture Marshadow, the highly anticipated Gloomdweller Pokemon.


Various add-ons are available for purchase to enhance the Pokemon GO Fest 2024 experience in Sendai. These include:

Raid Lover (¥1,900)

  • Up to 18 free Raid Passes daily.
  • Additional XP and Candy rewards for completed raids.

Egg-thusiast (¥1,900)

  • Reduced Egg Hatch Distance.
  • Increased Hatch Stardust, XP, and Candy rewards.

Citywide Gameplay (¥2,600)

  • Extends the event experience by an extra day within the city.

T-shirt Pre-order (¥3,700)

  • Exclusive event t-shirt and in-app avatar item code.

Add-ons provide unique bonuses and can be purchased in advance.

Mythical Encounter: Marshadow Makes its Debut!

Pokemon GO Fest 2024 Debut of Marshadow
image by Niantic(The Pokemon Company)

One of the most anticipated aspects of Pokemon GO Fest 2024 is the introduction of Marshadow, the Generation VII Mythical Pokemon. This elusive and powerful Ghost/Fighting type has captivated Trainers since its debut, and GO Fest presents the first opportunity to add it to your collection.

How to Encounter Marshadow:

For Trainers attending the live events, encountering Marshadow will likely be tied to completing special research tasks or challenges throughout the weekend. Specific details haven’t been revealed yet, but expect to put your Trainer skills to the test!

For those participating in the global event, special ticketed research is highly likely to be the gateway to encountering Marshadow. Purchasing a Pokemon GO Fest 2024: Global ticket grants access to this research, giving you the chance to unlock this coveted Mythical Pokemon.

More Than Just Marshadow:

While Marshadow steals the spotlight, the event promises a plethora of other exciting Pokemon encounters. Expect increased spawns of rare and regional Pokemon, special costumed Pokemon not found elsewhere, and exciting Legendary encounters throughout the event.

Elevate the Fun with a Pokemon GO Fest 2024 Ticket

While the free-to-join elements of the global event offer a taste of the Pokemon GO Fest experience, trainers can elevate their gameplay with a Pokemon GO Fest 2024 Ticket. Here’s what you get with a ticket:

  • Encounter the Mythical Marshadow: For the first time ever in Pokemon GO, ticket holders will have the chance to encounter and potentially catch the elusive Mythical Pokemon, Marshadow. This is a truly special opportunity for dedicated Trainers.
  • Increased Shiny Rates: Boost your chances of encountering Shiny Pokemon throughout the event.
  • Special Research with Additional Rewards: Unlock a unique Research storyline with exclusive rewards, including encounters with special Pokemon.
  • Early Access to Raid Hours: Get a head start on Raid battles featuring powerful Pokemon.
  • Exclusive GO Fest 2024 Shirt Avatar Item: Trainers who purchase their ticket through the Pokemon GO Web Store will receive a unique avatar item – a commemorative Pokemon GO Fest 2024 shirt.

Tickets are available for purchase through the in-game shop or the Pokemon GO Web Store for a limited time.

Gearing Up for Pokemon GO Fest 2024

Whether you’re participating in the global event or attending an in-person gathering, here are some tips to ensure you have an amazing Pokemon GO Fest 2024 experience:

  • Stock Up on Essentials: Make sure you have enough Poke Balls, Revives, Potions, and Berries to catch and keep your Pokemon healthy throughout the event.
  • Plan Your Route (For In-Person Events): If attending an in-person event, research the location and plan your route beforehand. Aim to arrive early to avoid crowds and maximize your playtime.
  • Team Up with Fellow Trainers: Teamwork makes the dream work! Connect with other Trainers, either online or in person, to collaborate on Raid battles and share valuable tips.
  • Stay Hydrated and Charged: Pokemon GO Fest can be a physically demanding event. Ensure you stay hydrated by carrying a water bottle and keeping your phone charged with a power bank
  • Stay Safe and Have Fun: Be mindful of your surroundings, especially during location-based events. Wear comfortable shoes, prioritize sun protection if needed, and most importantly, have a blast catching Pokémon and creating lasting memories!


Pokemon GO Fest 2024 promises to be the biggest and most exciting celebration yet for Pokemon GO Trainers worldwide. Whether you’re attending a live event or participating in the global festivities, get ready for an unforgettable summer filled with adventure, rare encounters, and the chance to add the elusive Marshadow to your collection. So, dust off your Pokedex, charge your phone, and prepare to embark on an epic Pokemon GO journey!

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Q&A Section

Q: Do I need a ticket to participate in Pokemon GO Fest 2024?

A: The global event on July 13th-14th is free to play for all Trainers. However, purchasing a Pokemon GO Fest 2024 Global Event Ticket unlocks exclusive bonuses and rewards, including the guaranteed encounter with Marshadow.

Q: When is Pokemon GO Fest 2024 in Sendai?

A: The event will take place from May 30, 2024, to June 2, 2024.

Q: How much do Pokemon GO Fest 2024: Global tickets cost?

A: Tickets for the Pokemon GO Fest 2024: Global event are priced at USD $14.99 (or the equivalent pricing tier in your local currency, plus any applicable taxes and fees).

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