3 Biggest Expected Upgrades in PS5 Pro for Hardcore Gamers

The PlayStation 5 (PS5) has taken the gaming world by storm with its lightning-fast loading times, innovative DualSense controller, and stunning visuals.

3 Biggest Expected Upgrades in PS5 Pro for Hardcore Gamers
image by Sony PlayStation

But for some hardcore gamers, the question lingers: is a PS5 Pro on the horizon, and if so, what upgrades can we expect? While Sony hasn’t officially announced a PS5 Pro, rumors and leaks suggest a more powerful iteration might be in the works.

Here, we will get into the three biggest expected upgrades in PS5 Pro, making it an even more enticing proposition for dedicated gamers.

3 Biggest Upgrades in PS5 Pro

Here are the three biggest expected upgrades in PS5 Pro, helping you decide which console best suits your gaming needs and budget.

1. Graphical Powerhouse: A Beefed-Up GPU

The heart of any gaming console’s graphical prowess lies in its Graphics Processing Unit (GPU). The PS5 boasts a custom AMD RDNA 2 GPU, delivering exceptional visuals. However, the PS5 Pro is expected to come equipped with a next-generation AMD RDNA 3 GPU. This powerhouse is rumored to offer a significant leap in performance, with estimates suggesting a 45% increase in processing power compared to the base PS5.

This translates to smoother gameplay at higher resolutions. Expect games to run flawlessly at native 8K resolution, showcasing even sharper details and richer textures. The enhanced processing power should also deliver even more immersive worlds with complex lighting effects and realistic shadows.

2. Ray Tracing Revolution: Hyper-Realistic Lighting

Ray tracing is a cutting-edge graphics technology that simulates the behavior of light in real-time. This creates incredibly realistic lighting effects, adding depth and dimension to in-game environments. While the PS5 offers ray tracing capabilities, it can sometimes come at the cost of frame rate or resolution.

The PS5 Pro’s upgraded GPU is expected to improve ray tracing performance significantly. With the extra processing power, developers can push the boundaries of lighting effects, creating indistinguishable scenes from reality. Imagine sunlight streaming realistically through a forest canopy or the dazzling reflections off a wet city street – the PS5 Pro promises to take ray tracing to a whole new level.

3. Upscaling Magic: PSSR for Ultra-Sharp Experiences

Beyond raw processing power, the PS5 Pro is also rumored to introduce PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution (PSSR). This innovative technology utilizes machine learning to upscale lower-resolution images to higher resolutions. Think of it as a smart image enhancer that can take a 4K image and make it look just as sharp and detailed as an 8K image.

The benefits of PSSR are twofold. Firstly, it allows developers to focus on creating stunning visuals at native 4K resolution without sacrificing performance. Secondly, PSSR can upscale existing PS5 games to run at a higher resolution on the PS5 Pro, offering a visual boost for your favorite titles. This means you can potentially experience your current library with even sharper visuals without needing developers to release specific PS5 Pro patches.

3 Biggest Expected Upgrades in PS5 Pro for Hardcore Gamers
image by Sony PlayStation

PS5 Pro vs PS5: Spec Showdown

Here is the comparison between PS5 Pro and PS5 specifications.

FeaturePS5PS5 Pro (Rumored)
CPUCustom AMD Zen 2 3.5 GHzCustom AMD Zen 2 3.5 GHz (Boosts to 3.85 GHz)
Memory16GB GDDR6 448GB/s16GB GDDR6 576GB/s (28% faster)
Storage825GB NVMe SSDPotentially Faster SSD
GPUAMD RDNA 2AMD RDNA 3 (45% stronger)
Graphical Power10.2 TFLOPsUp to 14.8 TFLOPs
ResolutionUp to 4K (native)Up to 8K (native)
Ray TracingSupportedImproved Performance
Upscaling TechnologyN/APSSR (Machine Learning Upscaling)
Audio3D AudioPotentially Enhanced 3D Audio
Disc DriveYesDisc & Disc-Less Options (Rumored)
Price$499 (USD)Likely Higher than PS5

Note: The PS5 Pro specifications are based on rumors and leaks. Sony has not officially confirmed the existence of a PS5 Pro.


Beyond the Big Three: Potential Enhancements

While the upgraded GPU, improved ray tracing, and PSSR are the most anticipated features, there are whispers of other potential enhancements for the PS5 Pro. Here are a few exciting possibilities:

  • Faster Loading Times: The PS5’s SSD is already incredibly fast, but the PS5 Pro might boast an even faster storage solution, leading to near-instantaneous loading times.
  • Enhanced Audio: The PS5’s 3D audio capabilities are impressive, but the PS5 Pro could offer even more nuanced and immersive audio experiences.
  • Disc-Less Edition: Rumors suggest a disc-less version of the PS5 Pro, catering to gamers who primarily download their games digitally.
  • Backward Compatibility: The PS5 Pro is likely to be backward compatible with PS5 and potentially even PS4 games. This means you can continue enjoying your existing library on the new console.
  • VR Enhancements: The PS VR2 virtual reality headset is expected to launch alongside or shortly after the PS5 Pro. The console’s extra power could lead to even more immersive VR experiences.
  • New Features and Services: Sony might introduce new features and services alongside the PS5 Pro. These could be anything from improved online multiplayer experiences to cloud gaming integration, further expanding the capabilities of the console.

Conclusion: The Future of Gaming?

The PS5 Pro, if it becomes a reality, promises to be a true powerhouse for dedicated gamers. With a significant boost in graphical fidelity, improved ray tracing, and innovative upscaling technology, the PS5 Pro could usher in a new era of hyper-realistic gaming experiences.

However, it’s important to remember that these are just rumors and leaks. Sony hasn’t confirmed the existence of a PS5 Pro, nor have they revealed any official details about its potential specs or features. It’s also worth considering the cost – a more powerful console will likely come with a heftier price tag.

For now, PS5 owners can enjoy the fantastic capabilities of the current console. But for those who crave the absolute best in graphical fidelity and performance, the PS5 Pro, if it materializes, could be the ultimate gaming upgrade.


Q&A Section

Q: Is a PS5 Pro coming out?

A: There’s no official confirmation from Sony, but rumors suggest a PS5 Pro with upgraded specs might be in the works.

Q: What are the biggest upgrades expected for the PS5 Pro?

A: The PS5 Pro is rumored to pack a more powerful GPU for smoother 8K gameplay, improved ray tracing for hyper-realistic lighting, and PSSR tech for sharper visuals.

Q: Will the PS5 Pro make my current PS5 games look better?

A: The PS5 Pro’s PSSR technology might upscale existing PS5 games to look sharper without needing specific updates.

Q: Besides graphics, what else could be upgraded in the PS5 Pro?

A: Faster loading times, enhanced audio, and a disc-less edition are some potential improvements.

Q: Should I wait for the PS5 Pro instead of buying a PS5 now?

A: The PS5 Pro is unconfirmed and might be expensive. Enjoy the current PS5’s power, but if cutting-edge graphics are your priority, the PS5 Pro (if it releases) could be worth waiting for.

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