Krafton Inc. and Line Friends Collaborate for Exclusive PUBG Mobile Event (2024)

Krafton Inc. has once again joined forces with Line Friends to bring an exciting in-game event to PUBG Mobile, captivating players with exclusive content and unique experiences.

PUBG Mobile Line Friends Event
image by Krafton

The event, extending until March 3, 2024, features two distinct sub-events: the Hola Buddy Lucky Spin and the Line Friends Prize Path.

These sub-events present an array of fresh items, including the highly coveted Dragon Brown set, a new Campanion, and various other enticing rewards. Let’s delve into the details of what this partnership has in store for PUBG Mobile enthusiasts.

Hola Buddy Lucky Spin

In this crate, PUBG Mobile enthusiasts can discover a charming yellow duck-like plushie Campanion named Line Friends Buddy Sally. This crate also includes its accompanying outfit and multiple emotes. Notably, the Hola Buddy Lucky Spin introduces two mythic sets – Line Friends Leonard Raincoat and Line Friends Coco Dress – along with the adorable Line Friends Sally backpack.

The Hola Buddy Lucky Spin operates similarly to a regular crate opening, necessitating a specific amount of UCs for each draw. The initial draw costs 10 UCs, with subsequent draws priced at 30 UCs. Additionally, players can opt for 10 draws at once, available at a discounted rate of 270 UCs.

The Line Friends Extravaganza

PUBG Mobile Line Friends Event
image by Krafton

PUBG Mobile enthusiasts can now enhance their in-game style by acquiring the adorable Line Friends companion, sets, and items. The lineup includes the Line Friends Buddy SALLY, Line Friends Dragon Sally Buddy Set, Line Friends Dragon Brown Set, Line Friends Dragon Cony Set, Line Friends Choco Dress Set, and Line Friends Leonard Raincoat Set. The highlight of this collaboration is the Line Friends Lovey Dovey 2-Seat Motorcycle, representing the first IP upgradeable motorcycle in PUBG Mobile.

Differing from the Hola Buddy Lucky crate, the Prize Path event allows players to unlock items by completing missions. However, participation in this event requires 600 UCs, granting access to the first two items on the reward track. Alternatively, players can expedite their progress along this prize path by investing 3800 UCs.

Items in the Line Friends Prize Path:

  • Line Friends Dragon Brown Set
  • Line Friends Dragon Brown Headcover
  • Line Friends Pan
  • Line Friends Dragon Cony Set
  • Line Friends Dragon Cony Headcover (Upgradable)
  • Line Friends Lovey Dovey 2-Seat Motorcycle

In-Game Event Shop

Apart from the Lucky Spin and Prize Path, the PUBG Mobile Line Friends collaboration introduces exclusive items available in the in-game Event Shop. These items, including the Line Friends Brown Helmet, Line Friends Plane Finish, and aGlide Crate offering the Line Friends Glider, can only be acquired through UCs.

Obtaining Free UCs for PUBG Mobile Line Friends Events

An effective strategy to acquire free UCs in PUBG Mobile involves earning Play Points on the Google Play Store. These Play Points can be redeemed for in-game currency by completing designated tasks, such as installing and using specific applications. However, players should exercise caution, as some applications may be addictive or involve real money wagering.

PUBG Mobile Line Friends Event
image by Krafton

Line Friends Party Event Extravaganza

Running until February 8, the Line Friends Party event is another opportunity for players to amass Line Friends rewards. By completing designated missions, participants can enjoy additional Line Friends bonuses, creating an engaging and rewarding experience during this limited-time event.

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Q&A Section

Q: How long will the Line Friends collaboration event run in PUBG Mobile?

A: The collaboration event will be active until March 3, providing players with a month-long opportunity to explore and collect exclusive Line Friends items.

Q: What is the highlight of the collaboration in terms of in-game items?

A: The introduction of the Line Friends Lovey Dovey 2-Seat Motorcycle stands out as the first-ever IP upgradeable motorcycle, offering players a unique and stylish in-game vehicle.

Q: How can players maximize their rewards during the event?

A: To maximize rewards, players should participate in both the Royale Pass event Prize Path and the Line Friends Party event, completing missions to unlock exclusive Line Friends content.

Q: Will there be any Lunar New Year-themed content during the collaboration?

A: A: Yes! Expect holiday items and decorations to celebrate the Year of the Dragon.

Q: Can I participate in both the Royale Pass event and the Line Friends Party event?

A: Absolutely! Both events run concurrently, so you can enjoy double the rewards.

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