Persona 3 Reload- Guide to Rescuing Missing Persons Locations and Rewards

In the realm of Persona 3 Reload, your role as a member of the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad (SEES) goes beyond mere academia. You’re tasked with embodying your Persona and delving into the enigmatic Tartarus Tower.

Persona 3 Reload Missing Persons
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This gameplay mechanic, inherited from previous releases of the game, offers players the opportunity to earn rewards while aiding those lost in the labyrinthine depths of Tartarus.

Persona 3 Reload- Importance of Rescuing Missing Persons

Rescuing these individuals not only garners you rewards but also plays a pivotal role in the narrative. Failure to save them could result in significant consequences, potentially affecting the progression of your Social Link.

Persona 3 Reload Mechanism of Rescue Missions

Elizabeth, your guide in Tartarus, will occasionally notify you of individuals who have strayed into the realm during the Dark Hour. Your task, alongside S.E.E.S, is to locate and rescue these lost souls before the impending Full Moon, as failure to do so within the allotted time will result in their permanent disappearance.

Persona 3 ReloadSteps to Rescue

Initiation of the Mission

Upon receiving notification from Elizabeth, head to Tartarus during the Dark Hour. Before delving into the depths, consult with Elizabeth, who will provide you with pertinent information regarding the missing persons and the floors to scour. Utilize Fuuka’s abilities to pinpoint their exact locations within Tartarus.

Persona 3 Reload Missing Persons
image by Persona 3 Reload(Steam)

The Rescues and Rewards

Now, let’s delve into the comprehensive list of missing persons in Persona 3 Reload and the rewards awaiting those who successfully rescue them:

Deadline: 6th July

  • Ayako Yoshimoto (18th June – 6th July)
    • Location: Floor 50
    • Reward: Recarm skill card and Letter of Thanks
  • Kenjiro Tsutsumi (26th June – 6th July)
    • Locations: Floor 56
    • Reward: 40,000 Yen
  • Yoshimi Miyama (26th June – 6th July)
    • Location: Floor 64
    • Reward: Black Quartz (x2)

Deadline: 5th August

  • Yasuko Murabayashi (3rd August – 5th August)
    • Location: Floor 79
    • Reward: Emerald (x4)
  • Shuichi Niimura (3rd August – 5th August)
    • Location: Floor 84
    • Reward: Shift Boost skill card

Deadline: 4th September

  • Satsuki Onozuka (19th August – 4th September)
    • Location: Floor 101
    • Reward: Divine Grace skill card
  • Hirotaka Tanigami (29th August – 4th September)
    • Location: Floor 109
    • Reward: Malachite (x20)
  • Reiko Makita (3rd September – 4th September)
    • Location: Floor 114
    • Reward: Mediarama

Deadline: 3rd October

  • Bunkichi Kitamura (12th September – 3rd October)
    • Location: Floor 120
    • Reward: Homunculus (x4)
  • Aki Kirobe (22nd September – 3rd October)
    • Location: Floor 135
    • Reward: Magic Talisman
  • Yasunobu Shimozono (22nd September – 3rd October)
    • Location: Floor 140
    • Reward: 100,000 Yen

Deadline: 2nd November

  • Maiko Oohashi (21st October – 2nd November)
    • Location: Floor 146
    • Reward: Felt Doll
  • Ryohei Nakatsugawa (21st October – 2nd November)
    • Location: Floor 159
    • Reward: Berserker’s Seal
  • Takeko Hiraoka (30th October – 2nd November)
    • Location: Floor 165
    • Reward: Avaricious Ring

Deadline: 1st December

  • Tomoyuki Itami (27th November – 1st December)
    • Location: Floor 177
    • Reward: Omega Drive
  • Katsue Sugi (28th November – 1st December)
    • Location: Floor 196
    • Reward: Diamond (x3)

Deadline: 30th December

  • Yumiko Sasamaki (22nd December – 30th December)
    • Location: Floor 209
    • Reward: Scintillating Coin (x2)
  • Nobuko Fukuchi (22nd December – 30th December)
    • Location: Floor 221
    • Reward: Ruby (x3)

Deadline: 30th January

  • Fumika Terado (15th January – 30th January)
    • Location: Floor 232
    • Reward: Soma
  • Mitsutoshi Okimoto (15th January – 30th January)
    • Location: Floor 250
    • Reward: Salvation

Optimal Strategy

Ideally, one should prioritize rescuing these individuals a day before each Full Moon. However, urgent situations arising from social links may necessitate immediate action to maximize link progression.

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Q&A Section

Q: Can I Rescue Missing Persons After the Full Moon?

A: Yes, you can attempt rescues post-Full Moon, but it’s advisable to prioritize before to prevent permanent loss.

Q: Are Rewards Standardized for Each Rescue?

A: No, rewards vary for each individual, ranging from skill cards to monetary compensation and valuable items.

Q: Is There a Time Limit for Completing the Rescue Missions?

A: Indeed, failure to rescue before each Full Moon will result in the permanent loss of the missing person.

Q: Can I ignore rescuing missing persons in Persona 3 Reload?

A: Technically, yes, but neglecting this duty may have significant consequences in the game’s progression and character development.

Q: Are there any long-term benefits to rescuing missing persons?

A: Yes, besides immediate rewards, successfully rescuing missing persons can contribute to enhancing your overall gameplay experience and narrative depth.

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