How to Obtain Electric Organs in Palworld

Electric Organs, those pulsating spheres of electric potential, are a vital resource in Palworld. From crafting advanced gadgets to upgrading your Pal gear, these handy components form the backbone of mid-to-late game progression. But where do you find these zappy treasures?

How to Obtain Electric Organs in Palworld
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This guide will illuminate the various ways to obtain Electric Organs and ensure your workshop hums with electrifying possibilities.

The Shocking Truth about Electric Organs

Electric Organs are primarily obtained by defeating or capturing Electric-type Pals. These energetic creatures roam various regions of Palworld, waiting to be befriended or fried (depending on your intentions). Remember, capturing a Pal doesn’t guarantee organ drops, so be prepared to take some down permanently if maximizing your harvest is your goal. This is the electric zoo you should aim for:

How to Obtain Electric Organs in Palworld
image by Poketpair
  • Sparkit: These adorable electric rodents are your early-game friends. Found near Rayne Tower and the Anubis desert, they’re weak and plentiful, making them perfect for beginner farming.
  • Jolthog: An electric boar with a bit more bite, Jolthogs inhabit the western plains and parts of the jungle. They offer a higher drop rate than Sparkits and often come bundled with valuable Leather drops.
  • Univolt: These speedy lightning lizards can be found around the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant and Investigator’s Fork. With good speed and decent loot, they’re a solid mid-game target.
  • Mossanda Lux: Lush and luxurious, these mossy electric beasts roam the jungle depths. Be wary of their powerful attacks, but be rewarded with multiple organ drops and rare materials.
  • Higher-tier Electric Pals: As you delve deeper into Palworld, encounter more ferocious Electric types like Rayhound, Dazzi, and Grizzbolt. While challenging, they offer a substantial payoff in organ drops and unique crafting materials.

Now that you know where to find your electric prey, let’s optimize your organ-collecting expeditions:

  • Bring a Ground-type Pal: Electric-types are weak to Ground attacks, so having a sturdy companion like a Diglett or Sandworm can make battles a breeze.
  • Pal Spheres are your friend: Capture weakened Electric Pals with Pal Spheres to increase your organ drop chance. Bonus points for befriending them later!
  • Mount Up!: Use fast mounts like Eikthyrdeer to navigate between Electric Pal hotspots efficiently. Time is money (or in this case, organs)!
  • Sell the surplus: Don’t let your excess Electric Pals gather dust. Sell them to merchants for a tidy profit, which you can then reinvest in more organ-gathering adventures.

Now that you know the sources, let’s optimize your Electric Organ collection:

  • Farming Routes: Identify areas with high concentrations of Electric-type Pals and create your own farming loop. Consider factors like travel time, respawn rates, and loot potential.
  • Pal Capture: Capturing Electric Pals at low health increases the chance of organ drops. Use Pal Spheres strategically to maximize your yield.
  • Sell the Surplus: If you find yourself overflowing with Electric Organs, consider selling them to merchants for extra Gold Coins. This can be a lucrative way to fund other ventures.

Alternative Method: Trading

While hunting is the primary means of obtaining Electric Organs, there is an alternative method – trading. However, be prepared to pay a price for the convenience. Exploring trade options with other players or NPCs can provide a shortcut to acquiring Electric Organs without engaging in direct combat.


Electric Organs are essential for crafting advanced equipment and unlocking the full potential of your Pals. By following the methods outlined in this guide, you’ll be well on your way to electrifying your Palworld adventures. Remember, patience and persistence are key! So, grab your trusty Pals, head out into the wilds, and start powering up your dreams!

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Q&A Section

Q: How many Electric Organs do I need?

A: This depends on your crafting plans. Generally, it’s best to stockpile around 50-100 Electric Organs before tackling late-game projects.

Q: Are there any other ways to get Electric Organs?

A: Currently, no. Defeating, capturing, and purchasing are the only known methods.

Q: What are the best items to craft with Electric Organs?

A: Advanced weapons, high-tech gadgets, and upgraded Pal gear all require Electric Organs. Experiment and discover what best suits your playstyle!

Q: Are there any ethical concerns about obtaining Electric Organs?

A: Consider capturing and befriending Electric Pals instead of defeating them. Remember, they’re sentient beings worthy of respect.

Q: I’m still struggling to find Electric Organs. Any tips?

A: Join online communities, watch gameplay guides, and ask other players for advice. Palworld is a collaborative experience, so don’t hesitate to reach out for help!

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