How to Get Primal Groudon (and Its Shiny form!) in Pokemon GO (2024)

Primal Groudon, the titan of the land, has emerged in Pokemon GO! This powerful Ground-type Pokemon boasts a magnificent new form and even greater strength. Trainers who manage to tame this legendary creature will possess a formidable asset for their battle teams.

How to Get Primal Groudon
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But how exactly do you go about acquiring this behemoth? This guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to secure Primal Groudon, raid events, and potentially encounter its elusive shiny variant.

The Rise of the Primal Ground: Primal Raids

Primal Groudon, alongside its counterpart Primal Kyogre, heralds a new era of powerful Pokémon in Pokémon GO. Unlike Mega Evolution, Primal Reversion requires a specific resource – Primal Energy – to transform your Groudon. To collect Primal Energy and encounter Primal Groudon, trainers must participate in Primal Raids.

These special raid battles function similarly to standard Legendary Raids, with some key differences. Primal Raids typically feature a higher difficulty level, demanding strong team compositions and potentially more trainers to secure victory. However, the rewards are equally substantial.

How to Get Primal Groudon in Pokemon GO
image by Niantic

What is Primal Groudon Raid Day?

Primal Groudon Raid Day is a limited-time event dedicated to the ferocious Legendary Pokémon. During this designated timeframe, Primal Groudon will appear significantly more frequently in five-star raids across gyms worldwide. This presents trainers with an exceptional opportunity to stock up on Primal Groudon candy, build a powerful team for their collection, and potentially encounter a rare Shiny form.

Increased Shiny Rate: Notably, Primal Groudon Raid Day boasts an increased chance of encountering a Shiny Groudon. These chromatic Pokémon boast a unique color scheme and hold immense bragging rights among trainers.

Free Raid Passes: To maximize raid participation, the event grants trainers up to five additional free raid passes upon spinning Gym Photo Discs. This stacks with the daily free pass and any potential bonus pass from completing a raid during the event, allowing trainers to potentially attempt up to eight raids throughout the day.

Remote Raid Limit Increase: To facilitate participation for geographically distant trainers, the remote raid limit is also increased during the event window. This allows trainers to connect with others further away and assemble larger raid parties, significantly enhancing their chances of defeating Primal Groudon.

When is Primal Groudon Raid Day?

The upcoming Primal Groudon Raid Day will take place on Saturday, March 23rd, 2024. The specific timeframe for increased raid appearances and bonuses will vary depending on your location. Generally, the event falls within the afternoon hours, typically between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm local time.

It’s advisable to double-check the event timings within the Pokémon GO app to ensure you don’t miss out on the primal action.

How to Get Primal Groudon in Pokemon GO
image by Niantic

How to Prepare for Primal Groudon Raid Day

To make the most of Primal Groudon Raid Day, some preparation is key. Here are some steps trainers can take to optimize their experience:

  • Assemble a Strong Water-type Team: Primal Groudon is a Ground and Fire-type Pokémon, making it doubly weak to Water-type attacks. Focus on building a team of strong Water-type Pokémon with powerful movesets.
  • Recommended Counters: Mega Blastoise, Kyogre (especially Primal Kyogre), Swampert, Gyarados, Feraligatr, and Samurott are all excellent choices for tackling Primal Groudon. Consider their Charged Attacks; Hydro Cannon, Surf, Waterfall, and Origin Pulse are particularly effective options.
  • Power Up Your Team: Invest some resources into powering up your chosen Water-type Pokémon. This will significantly increase their damage output and make the raid battles more manageable.
  • Stock Up on Revives and Potions: Raids can be intense, and Pokémon often faint in the process. Ensure you have enough Revives and Potions to keep your team battling throughout the event.
  • Golden Razz Berries: Having a stockpile of Golden Razz Berries will be crucial for catching Primal Groudon after defeating it. These berries significantly increase your catch rate, maximizing your chances of adding this Legendary Pokémon to your collection.
  • Remote Raid Passes: If you can’t physically reach a gym or struggle to find a local raid group, consider purchasing Remote Raid Passes. These allow you to participate in raids happening at distant gyms, expanding your options.

Acquiring Primal Energy and Performing Primal Reversion

Once you emerge victorious from a Primal Raid against Groudon, you’ll be rewarded with Primal Energy. The amount of Primal Energy received scales with your performance in the raid – faster victories yield more energy. This energy is crucial for performing Primal Reversion on your Groudon.

The initial Primal Reversion for a Groudon requires 400 Primal Energy. Subsequent Primal Reversions on the same Groudon will only cost 80 Primal Energy, making it easier to maintain its primal form after the initial transformation.

Here’s how to perform Primal Reversion on your Groudon:

  1. Navigate to your Pokémon storage and select your Groudon.
  2. Look for the new “Primal Reversion” button next to the Power Up button.
  3. If you have sufficient Primal Energy (400 for the first time), tap the “Primal Reversion” button to unleash Primal Groudon’s true power.

Note: Primal Reversion functions similarly to Mega Evolution. It has a cooldown period after which it can be used again for free. Alternatively, you can use additional Primal Energy to bypass the cooldown.

The Might of the Continent: Primal Groudon’s Power

Primal Groudon boasts a significant boost in stats compared to its regular form. It becomes a Ground/Fire-type Pokémon, gaining access to powerful attacks like Precipice Blade, a Ground-type charged move. This transformation makes Primal Groudon a formidable attacker, especially against Pokémon weak to Fire and Ground-type attacks.

Here are some of Primal Groudon’s strengths:

  • Immense Attack Power: Primal Groudon boasts the highest Attack stat amongst Ground-type Pokémon in the game.
  • Unique Typing: Its dual Ground/Fire typing offers resistance to common types like Electric, Rock, and Steel.
  • Powerful Moveset: Primal Groudon learns powerful moves like Precipice Blade and can leverage its high Attack stat for devastating damage.

Can You Encounter a Shiny Primal Groudon?

The answer is a resounding yes! Shiny hunters rejoice! Just like with standard Legendary raids, there’s a chance of encountering a shiny Primal Groudon upon victory in a Primal Raid. The exact odds haven’t been officially confirmed by Niantic, the Pokémon GO developer, but based on past events with Legendary raids, the chance likely falls around 1 in 20. This means participating in numerous Primal Raids significantly increases your odds of encountering a shimmering green Primal Groudon.

Here are some additional tips to optimize your shiny Primal Groudon hunt:

  • Raid Day Bonus: Don’t miss the special Primal Groudon Raid Day happening on March 23rd, 2024, from 2 PM to 5 PM local time. During this event, Primal Groudon will appear more frequently in raids, and the shiny encounter rate is expected to be boosted. This presents a prime opportunity to snag a shiny Primal Groudon.
  • Remote Raiding: Take advantage of remote raid passes to participate in Primal Raids hosted far from your location. This expands your search area and potential encounters with shiny Primal Groudon.
  • Join Online Communities: Connect with other Pokémon GO trainers through online communities or social media groups. Sharing raid invites and coordinating efforts can significantly boost your chances of encountering a shiny Primal Groudon.
How to Get Primal Groudon in Pokemon GO
image by Niantic

Tips for Maximizing Your Chances of Success

Now that you know how to get Primal Groudon and the potential for a shiny encounter, here are some additional tips to maximize your success:

  • Team Up with Fellow Trainers: Communication and coordination are vital during Primal Raids. Find a group of strong trainers who can effectively counter Primal Groudon and ensure a smooth victory.
  • Power Up Your Team: Invest in powering up your Water-type Pokémon to maximize their effectiveness against Primal Groudon. This will not only increase your damage output but also allow you to defeat the raid boss faster, potentially earning more Primal Energy.
  • Utilize Remote Raiding: If you can’t attend a Primal Raid in person, consider using Remote Raid Passes to participate in raids hosted by other players. This expands your opportunities to acquire Primal Groudon and potentially encounter a shiny one.


By participating in Primal Raids, collecting Primal Energy, and strategically utilizing Primal Reversion, you can add the mighty Primal Groudon to your Pokémon GO collection. Remember, persistence is key, especially when hunting for the rare shiny form. With dedication and a well-prepared team, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the land with the power of Primal Groudon!

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Q&A Section

Q: How long does the Primal Reversion cooldown last?

A: The Primal Reversion cooldown typically lasts for a few hours. The exact duration may vary depending on specific events or updates.

Q: When is the next Primal Groudon Raid Day?

A: The most recent Primal Groudon Raid Day is on Saturday, March 23rd, 2024 between 2:00 pm and 5:00 pm local time. It’s impossible to predict when the next Raid Day will be, but Niantic typically announces upcoming events well in advance through the Pokémon GO app and official channels.

Q: Can I use Primal Energy for anything else besides Primal Reversion?

A: Currently, Primal Energy is solely used for Primal Reversion.

Q: Is Primal Groudon the only Pokémon that can undergo Primal Reversion?

A: As of now, Primal Groudon and its counterpart, Primal Kyogre, are the only Pokémon with Primal Reversion capabilities in Pokémon GO. However, future updates might introduce additional Pokémon capable of achieving this powerful transformation.

Q: Can I trade a Primal Groudon with other players?

A: Yes, you can trade Primal Groudon with other trainers, but there are some limitations. Just like with Mega Evolved Pokémon, Primal Groudon will revert to its standard form upon being traded. The recipient will then need to spend their own Primal Energy to activate Primal Reversion again.

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