How to Catch Regice (and its Shiny Form!) in Pokemon GO (2024)

Regice, the Ice Titan, is a legendary Pokemon coveted by trainers in Pokemon GO for its impressive stats and intimidating presence. This colossal being boasts incredible defense and reigns supreme in battles.

How to Catch Regice (and its Shiny Form!) in Pokemon GO
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If you’re looking to add Regice, or perhaps even its elusive shiny form, to your collection, then this guide is for you! Here, we’ll delve into everything you need to know about encountering and catching Regice in Pokemon GO.

The Legendary Ice: Regice

Regice, alongside its counterparts Registeel and Regirock, is a member of the Legendary Titans trio. This colossal Pokemon boasts immense physical defense, making it a wall against most attackers. Its Ice-type moveset packs a punch, especially against Dragon, Grass, Flying, and Ground-type Pokemon. Trainers looking to add Regice to their team will not only need strength but also the right tactics.

Encountering Regice: 5-Star Raids

The primary way to encounter Regice in Pokemon GO is through 5-star raid battles. These raids are available for a limited time, coinciding with the World of Wonders season. From Thursday, March 14, 2024, at 10:00 AM local time, to Thursday, March 21, 2024, at 10:00 AM local time, trainers will have the opportunity to challenge Regice.

How to Catch Regice (and its Shiny Form!) in Pokemon GO
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These high-difficulty encounters require teamwork from multiple trainers (ideally 5-8) to defeat the powerful legendary Pokemon. Keep an eye out for Regice appearances in raids by checking the raid eggs at nearby gyms. These eggs will hatch after a set amount of time, revealing the featured raid boss. You can also join online communities or local Pokemon GO groups to find players coordinating raid battles against Regice.

Consider these Pokemon when building your raid party:

  • Mega Blaziken (Fire-type): Counter (Fast Move) & Blast Burn (Charged Move)
  • Mega Charizard Y (Fire-type): Fire Spin (Fast Move) & Blast Burn (Charged Move)
  • Shadow Metagross (Steel-type): Bullet Punch (Fast Move) & Meteor Mash (Charged Move)
  • Reshiram (Fire/Dragon-type): Fire Fang (Fast Move) & Fusion Flare (Charged Move)
  • Shadow Blaziken (Fire-type): Counter (Fast Move) & Blast Burn (Charged Move)
  • Terrakion (Fighting/Rock-type): Double Kick (Fast Move) & Sacred Sword (Charged Move)
  • Mega Diancie (Fairy/Rock-type): Rock Throw (Fast Move) & Rock Slide (Charged Move)
  • Shadow Rhyperior (Ground/Rock-type): SmackDown (Fast Move) & Rock Wrecker (Charged Move)

Trainer Tips: Weather conditions can influence Raid difficulty. Sunny or partly cloudy weather boosts Fire-type moves, making it an ideal time to challenge Regice. Additionally, joining online communities or local Pokemon GO groups can help you find fellow trainers to team up with for Raids.

Capturing Regice: The Moment of Truth

After defeating Regice in the Raid Battle, you’ll be granted a chance to capture it! Here’s where your Premier Balls come in. The number of Premier Balls you receive depends on several factors, including your overall performance in the Raid Battle, your team’s contribution to the victory, and whether you used a Raid Pass or participated in a free Raid.

Here are some tips to maximize your chance of catching Regice:

  • Use Golden Razz Berries: These berries significantly increase your catch rate, so stock up before the Raid.
  • Land Great or Excellent Throws: The accuracy of your throws significantly impacts your catch rate. Practice throwing Curveballs and aiming for the center of the capture ring when it’s at its smallest.
  • Use a Silver Pinap Berry (if applicable): If you’ve already caught a Regice before, consider using a Silver Pinap Berry after successfully landing a throw. This berry offers a chance to double the amount of Candy you receive upon catching Regice.
How to Catch Regice (and its Shiny Form!) in Pokemon GO
image by Pokemon Wiki- Fandom

Can Regice Be Shiny?

The answer is a resounding yes! The allure of Regice is further amplified by the existence of its rare shiny form. This variant boasts a deeper, more vibrant blue coloration compared to the standard Regice. Shiny hunters will be happy to know that Regice’s shiny form is available in Pokemon GO. The chance of encountering a Shiny Regice is approximately 1 in 20, making it a rare and prized addition to any Pokemon GO collection. There’s no guaranteed way to get a shiny Regice, but participating in more Regice raid battles will increase your odds.

Shiny Hunting Tips:

  • Multiple Raid Attempts: The more Regice raids you participate in, the higher your chances of encountering a Shiny variant.
  • Free Daily Raid Pass: Utilize your free daily Raid Pass to maximize your chances without spending additional resources.
  • Community Coordination: Connect with other trainers in your area to organize raid groups and share information on Shiny encounters.

Beyond the Raids: Alternative Methods (Temporarily Unavailable)

While five-star Raids are the current method for obtaining Regice, Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, has introduced alternative methods in past events. These methods are not currently available but provide a glimpse into potential future opportunities:

  • Special Research Tasks: During the Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn event in February 2021, a Special Research questline offered a chance to encounter Regice upon completion. Niantic may introduce similar event-specific tasks in the future, so staying updated on upcoming events is crucial.
  • Field Research Breakthrough Rewards: In the past, Niantic included encounters with Legendary Pokemon as rewards for achieving Research Breakthroughs. While Regice hasn’t been featured as a Breakthrough reward recently, it’s a possibility for future updates.

Remember, these alternative methods are not guaranteed and depend entirely on Niantic’s event planning. However, keeping an eye out for event announcements and diligently completing Research tasks can open doors to encountering Regice outside of Raids.


Regice, the titan of ice, presents a formidable challenge in Pokemon GO. By strategically participating in five-star Raids, utilizing effective Pokemon, and capitalizing on weather conditions, you’ll be well on your way to adding this Legendary Pokemon to your collection. And for those seeking the elusive shiny Regice, persistence, and participation in multiple Raids are key to encountering this chromatic wonder. So, assemble your team, strategize your approach, and get ready to conquer the colossal Regice!

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Q&A Section

Q: Besides Legendary Raids, are there other ways to catch Regice in Pokemon GO?

A: As of now, there are no alternative methods to obtain Regice outside of Five-Star Legendary Raids. However, Niantic, the developer of Pokemon GO, may introduce new events or features in the future that could offer additional ways to acquire Regice.

Q: Is there a way to see if a raid boss is shiny before battling it?

A: No, unfortunately, there’s no way to tell if a raid boss is shiny before battling it. You’ll only be able to see if it’s shiny after defeating it and entering the catch encounter.

Q: What happens if my Regice breaks out of all my Premier Balls?

A: Don’t despair! You can always try raiding for Regice again in the future. There’s always a chance you’ll encounter it again, and hopefully, you’ll have better luck with the catch next time.

Q: Can I trade for a Regice?

A: Yes, you can trade for a Regice with another trainer, provided they have one available and you meet the trade distance requirements.

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