How To Breed The Perfect Anubis in Palworld?- Comprehensive Guide

Ever since Palworld burst onto the scene, aspiring tamers have been setting their sights on the majestic Anubis. This loyal canine companion, with its striking jackal-like appearance and legendary ties to the afterlife, is a powerful ally to have by your side.

How To Breed The Perfect Anubis in Palworld
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But Anubis isn’t just about looks- it boasts impressive stats and a movepool that can turn the tide of battle. The only problem? Anubis isn’t exactly common in the wild. So, how do you go about acquiring this sought-after Pal? The answer lies in the exciting world of Pal breeding! In this guide, I will tell you about How Do You Breed The Perfect Anubis?, from setting up your breeding facilities to selecting the optimal combinations.

How To Breed The Perfect Anubis in Palworld?

The process of breeding Anubis involves several key steps. Don’t worry, it’s not as complex as performing an ancient Egyptian ritual! Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll need to do:

1. Unlocking the Secrets of Genetics: First things first, you’ll need to reach Level 19 in Palworld. This unlocks the crucial “Breeding Farm” technology, which allows you to construct the facilities necessary for Pal creation.

2. The Egg Incubator: Next, you’ll need to research and develop the Incubator technology. This unlocks the Egg Incubator, a crucial device for nurturing the precious Anubis eggs. You can find the Incubator tech under the Ancient Technology research tree. It requires level 7 and two Ancient Technology points to unlock.

3. Building the Perfect Nest: Once you have the technology, head back to your base and construct a Breeding Farm. This structure will house your chosen Pals for, well, breeding purposes!

4. Fueling Love’s Flame: Like any good relationship, breeding requires a little spark. To encourage your Pals to procreate, you’ll need to provide them with a Breeding Farm Cake. This delightful treat can be baked using readily available ingredients in your Cooking Pot.

5. Finding the Perfect Match: Now comes the fun part: choosing the right Pals to breed! Anubis won’t appear from just any pairing. Specific compatible Pals are needed to produce an Anubis egg. We’ll explore these breeding combinations in detail in the next section.

6. Patience is a Virtue: After placing your chosen Pals in the Breeding Farm and offering them the cake, it’s time for some patience. Breeding takes time, so don’t get discouraged if an egg doesn’t appear immediately.

7. The Hatchling Arrives!: A special “Huge Rocky Egg” will appear in the Breeding Farm once the breeding process is complete. This egg holds the potential for your very own Anubis!

8. Welcome to the World, Little Anubis!: Carefully transport the egg to your Egg Incubator. The incubation period will take some time, but eventually, your Anubis will hatch, ready to join you on your Palworld adventures!

Breeding Combinations for Anubis

How To Breed The Perfect Anubis in Palworld
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Now comes the fun part – choosing the perfect Pals to breed your Anubis! While the exact recipe for an Anubis remains a bit of a mystery, the Palworld community has discovered several successful combinations. Here are some of the most common:

Penking & Bushi: This is a popular choice for trainers seeking a relatively easy route. Penking, a dungeon boss in the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings, and Bushi, found in the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster, can be captured at lower levels (around 15 and 23 respectively). Both their regular and boss versions can be used for breeding.

Quivern & Chillet: This fiery duo offers a balanced mix of power and speed. Quivern can be found roaming the grasslands, while Chillet frequents the volcanic regions.

Ragnahawk & Tombat: This combination merges aerial prowess with brute force. Ragnahawks soar through the skies, while Tombats lumber through the undergrowth. Both can be found in the wild.

Kitsun & Jormuntide: This mystical pairing leans towards elemental magic. Kitsun are elusive creatures found in specific biomes, while Jormuntide reside near bodies of water.

Broncherry & Relaxaurus: This unlikely duo combines resilience with surprising agility. Broncherrys graze in meadows, while Relaxaurus inhabit caves and rocky areas.

Rushoar & Suzaku Aqua: This electrifying partnership focuses on raw power and elemental attacks. Rushoar can be found in the desert, while Suzaku Aqua resides near water sources.

Celeray & Menacing: This swift duo prioritizes speed and evasion tactics. Celeray is lightning-fast creatures found in grasslands, while Menacing prowls through forests.

Gobfin & Suzaku: This amphibious combination offers a unique blend of water-based attacks and resilience. Gobfins dwell in rivers and lakes, while Suzaku can be found near water sources.

Where the Wild Things Are: Anubis Location

How To Breed The Perfect Anubis in Palworld
image by Pocketpair

While breeding is the recommended method for obtaining Anubis, there’s always the chance of encountering one in the wild.

Anubis the mighty jackal roams the desolate sands of the Twilight Dunes in Palworld, but unlike most Pal encounters, there’s only one Anubis on the entire map. This legendary creature serves as a formidable boss guarding a specific landmark: a grand statue depicting Anubis himself. Your Paldex (if you’ve encountered Anubis before) will pinpoint this location on the map, but you can also set your sights on the coordinates -135 X, and -92 Y to reach the general area.

However, this knowledge comes with a warning. Anubis is a level 47 boss, making him an enemy you’ll want to be prepared to face. Unlike capturing most Pals, you’ll need a well-rounded team and potentially some strategic weaponry to subdue this legendary guardian. So before you set off on your quest, make sure you’ve powered up your own Pal team and pack the necessary supplies to weather the harsh desert environment, including sandstorm protection for your Pals.

Unveiling the Power: Anubis Skills

Anubis boasts impressive stats, making it a valuable addition to any Pal squad. Here’s a breakdown of its strengths:

  • High Attack: Anubis packs a serious punch, making it a formidable combatant against even the toughest foes.
  • Solid Defense: It can take a beating just as well as it can dish it out, ensuring it stays in the fight longer.
  • Balanced Speed: While not the fastest Pal, Anubis has decent movement speed, allowing for strategic positioning during battles and quick exploration.

Anubis also learns a variety of powerful skills as it levels up. Some notable ones include:

  • Devour: A devastating attack that significantly damages a single target, perfect for taking down priority enemies.
  • Sandstorm: This area-of-effect attack damages and disorients enemies caught in its path, making it ideal for crowd control in tight situations.
  • Undying Guardian: This passive ability grants Anubis a second wind. With a chance to revive itself with a portion of its health after being defeated, Anubis offers incredible battlefield resilience.

With its well-rounded stats and potent skillset, Anubis can be a reliable partner in exploration, combat, and even resource gathering. Its offensive capabilities clear a path through enemies, its defensive prowess keeps it in the fight, and its unique skills offer strategic advantages. Anubis is a true powerhouse, ready to stand by your side on any Palworld adventure.

Training Your Perfect Anubis

Once you’ve acquired your Anubis egg, either through breeding or a lucky Tower Boss encounter, it’s time to nurture it into a formidable companion. Here are some tips for raising the perfect Anubis:

  • Prioritize Stats: Pay attention to the stat growths of your Anubis as it levels up. Focus on boosting its already strong Attack and Defense. Speed can be increased through selective breeding or items if desired.
  • Tailor Your Training: Anubis excels in both physical attacks and close-quarters combat. Train it in skills that complement this strength, such as “Claw Slash” or “Earth Shatter.”
  • Elemental Harmony: While Anubis doesn’t have a specific elemental affinity, consider the breeding combination that yielded it. If its parents had elemental attacks, expose your Anubis to TMs (Technical Machines) or consumables that enhance those elements for an extra edge.
  • Diet and Care: A healthy Anubis is a happy Anubis! Provide it with a balanced diet of berries, meat, and kibble specifically formulated for its growth stage. Don’t forget to shower it with affection and playtime to build a strong bond.

Evolving Your Anubis: Myth or Reality?

There’s currently some speculation within the Palworld community about the possibility of Anubis evolving into a more powerful form. While there’s no official confirmation from the developers, some players have reported witnessing a shadowy figure resembling a larger, more imposing Anubis during high-level Tower challenges.

More research is needed to determine if this is a true evolution or a powerful variant of Anubis. Regardless, the prospect of an even stronger Anubis adds another layer of intrigue to this majestic Pal.


Whether you acquire your Anubis through breeding or encounter it in the wild, it has the potential to become a loyal and invaluable companion. You’ll forge a powerful bond with this legendary creature by carefully training it, nurturing its well-being, and exploring its diverse skill set. So, embark on your Palworld adventure with your Anubis by your side, and together, conquer the challenges and uncover the secrets that await!

This comprehensive guide has equipped you with the knowledge to breed, train, and utilize your own Anubis. Remember, Palworld is a world full of possibilities, so experiment, strategize, and most importantly, have fun with your canine companion from the underworld!


Q&A Section

Q: Where can you find Anubis in Palworld?

A: Anubis is a Ground-type Pal that you won’t find roaming freely in the wilds of Palpagos Island. Instead, it resides in a specific location. The only location to encounter Alpha Anubis is right in the middle of the Twilight Dunes. Look for it near the Statue of Power.

Q: What are the best Breeding Combinations for Anubis in Palworld?

A: Breeding Anubis requires some strategic pairings. Here are a few recommended combinations:
Penking (Lv. 11) + Bushi (Lv. 71B)
Rushoar (Lv. 20) + Blazamut (Lv. 96)
Celaray (Lv. 25) + Relaxaurus (Lv. 85B)
And many more! There are 126 possible breeding combos for Anubis. Remember, the parents must be of different genders and specific Pals to yield Anubis offspring.

Q: How do you get Anubis in Palworld?

A: Anubis spawns as an Alpha Pal boss at coordinates -130, -96 in the deserted Twilight Dunes region east of the Cove Mineshaft. It’s a tough fight, so gear up with your strongest weapons and plenty of ammo. Capture Anubis using a Legendary Sphere after defeating it.

Q: What is Anubis’s weakness in Palworld?

A: Anubis is a Groundtype Pal, making it vulnerable to Grasstype attacks. Grasstype Pals are also more resistant to Anubis’s Groundtype moves. So, consider including Pals like Mossanda, Robinquill, or Mammorest in your roster.

Q: How long does it take for Anubis to Respawn in Palworld?

A: After defeating Alpha Boss Anubis, it respawns one hour later. If you don’t see it initially, be patient and wait for it to reappear.

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