Palworld Glitches: Unveiling Fun Exploits Before They’re Patched

Palworld, the controversial monster-capturing, Pokémon-inspired RPG, has taken the gaming world by storm. With its unique blend of monster collecting, survival mechanics, and, shall we say, “unorthodox” features, Palworld has garnered a passionate community of players.

Palworld Glitches: Unveiling Fun Exploits Before They're Patched
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While some are drawn to the game’s core gameplay loop, others are eagerly exploring the hidden depths of its code, uncovering a treasure trove of glitches and exploits.

Before diving into the world of Palworld glitches, it’s important to remember that exploiting bugs can negatively impact your gameplay experience and potentially violate the game’s terms of service. Use these glitches at your own risk, and be prepared for the possibility of patches or consequences. With that said, let’s explore some of the most interesting and fun glitches Palworld has to offer!

Palworld Glitches to Try (Before They’re Patched)

1. The Pal Sphere Launcher

Hop On Top Of A Pal Sphere
One of Palworld’s widely-known glitches is the Pal Sphere Launcher. By climbing on top of a completing Pal Sphere before it’s caught, players can experience an exhilarating launch into the air. This glitch provides a unique method for fast travel or reaching high vantage points, adding an element of whimsy to the gameplay.

2. Food Refresh Glitch

Stop Food From Rotting Away
In the survival-focused Palworld, the food refresh glitch emerges as a handy exploit. By right-clicking to transfer food, players can refresh the food timer, preventing it from rotting away. This glitch proves invaluable for extending the shelf life of essential resources, emphasizing the importance of resource management in the game.

3. Kill Bosses Easily Using Pal Spheres

Palworld Glitches: Unveiling Fun Exploits Before They're Patched
image by Pocketpair

The Pal Sphere Launch Glitch Used In Another Way
Pal Spheres aren’t just for launching characters; they can also be used to take down formidable bosses. Timing a jumping attack right at the moment of catching a Pal can apply the same physics to the boss, resulting in a unique and entertaining approach to boss battles. This glitch showcases the versatility of game mechanics in unexpected ways.

4. Use A Campfire To Kill High-Level Pals

Campfires Cause Damage Over Time
While some glitches are unintended, others are more like creative gameplay mechanics. Building campfires under Pals to cause damage over time presents an alternative strategy for taking down high-level enemies without direct engagement. It’s a clever use of in-game elements that adds depth to Palworld’s combat dynamics.

5. Attack The Black Marketeer For Unlimited Gold

Palworld Glitches: Unveiling Fun Exploits Before They're Patched
image by Pocketpair

A Dialogue Glitch
For players with a penchant for risk, the dialogue glitch with the Black Marketeer offers a chance to amass unlimited gold. By setting Pals to attack aggressively just before entering a dialogue with the vendor, players can continuously attack and eliminate the Black Marketeer, reaping significant financial rewards. This glitch introduces an element of strategy and timing for those daring enough to try.

6. Capture Grizzbolt Easily

Palworld Glitches: Unveiling Fun Exploits Before They're Patched
image by Pocketpair

An Easy High-Level Pal Capture
While some glitches get patched, capturing high-level Pals remains an exciting challenge. By triggering a glitch during the boss fight against Zoe & Grizzbolt, players can exploit the situation to capture Grizzbolt easily. This glitch adds a layer of intrigue to Palworld’s creature-catching mechanics.

7. Duplication Glitch Provides Unlimited Resources

Hard To Pull Off But Rewarding
For those seeking a more advanced challenge, the duplication glitch in Palworld offers the potential for unlimited resources. Mastering this technique involves precise timing and skill. Emptying the character inventory, crouching on the base territory edge, and building a structure at the right moment can result in resource duplication. While challenging, the rewards are substantial for players who successfully execute this glitch.


In conclusion, Palworld glitches, far from being detrimental, contribute to the game’s charm and offer players unique opportunities for creativity and exploration. As with any glitches, some may get patched in future updates, so adventurous players are encouraged to embrace the glitchy side of Palworld before these exploits become part of the gaming history.

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Q&A Section

Q: Are glitches like the Pal Sphere Launcher considered cheating in Palworld?

A: No, glitches like the Pal Sphere Launcher are generally embraced by the Palworld community as part of the game’s charm. They add an element of fun and creativity to the gameplay experience.

Q: How often does Pocketpair release patches for Palworld to address glitches?

A: Pocketpair is actively working on patching and updating both the Xbox and PC versions of Palworld. However, the frequency of patches may vary, and players should stay tuned for updates.

Q: Are there plans to expand the level cap in Palworld beyond Level 50 for characters and Pals?

A: While there’s no official confirmation, future updates to Palworld during its early access period may include adjustments to the level cap and additional content. Players can expect ongoing improvements and expansions to the game.

Q: Will I get banned for using glitches?

A: It’s possible, but unlikely. The developers are primarily focused on fixing game-breaking glitches and exploits that negatively impact the overall gameplay experience. However, using certain glitches excessively or bragging about them publicly could attract unwanted attention from the developers.

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