How To Get Mega Charizard X And Its Shiny Form In Pokemon Go- A Trainers Guide (2024)

Charizard, the iconic Fire-type starter from the Kanto region, boasts not one, but two Mega Evolutions in Pokémon GO: Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y. Mega Charizard X, the Fire/Dragon-type powerhouse, is a coveted addition to any trainer’s team.

How To Get Mega Charizard X And Its Shiny Form In Pokemon Go
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In this guide, We’ll explore how to obtain this coveted Pokémon, strategize for conquering it in Mega Raids, and even discuss the possibility of encountering its elusive Shiny form.

How to Get Mega Charizard X in Pokémon GO

There are two primary ways to acquire Mega Charizard X: evolving your own Charizard or defeating and catching it in a Mega Raid.

  • Evolving Charizard: This method requires collecting enough Charizard Mega Energy, a special resource needed for Mega Evolution. You can acquire Mega Energy through various means:
    1. Participating in Mega Raids: Regardless of whether you catch the featured Mega-Evolved Pokémon, you’ll earn Mega Energy specific to that Pokémon upon defeating it. Mega Charizard X Raids are currently ongoing from April 4th to April 14th, 2024, so take advantage of this opportunity!
    2. Completing Field Research Tasks: Keep an eye out for special Field Research tasks that reward Charizard Mega Energy. These tasks may involve catching Fire-type Pokémon, winning Raid Battles, or evolving Pokémon.
    3. Walking with Charmander or Charmeleon as your Buddy Pokémon: As you walk with your Buddy Pokémon, you’ll occasionally earn Mega Energy for its final evolved form. While this method is slower, it’s a great way to accumulate Mega Energy over time.
  • Defeating Mega Charizard X in Mega Raids: Mega Charizard X currently appears in 5-star Mega Raids. While defeating and catching a Mega-Evolved Pokémon directly guarantees its addition to your team, it also offers a chance to encounter a Shiny Mega Charizard X, a rare sight coveted by many trainers.

Pro Tip: During the event, consider using Pinap Berries to increase your candy yield while catching Charizard. This candy will be crucial for powering up your Mega Charizard X.

How to Evolve Charizard into Mega Charizard X in Pokémon GO

Once you’ve collected 200 Charizard Mega Energy, you can Mega Evolve your Charizard. Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to your Charizard’s summary page.
  2. Look for the “Mega Evolve” button beside the standard “Power Up” and “Evolve” buttons.
  3. Tap “Mega Evolve” and choose between Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y. (Note: Mega Charizard Y requires separate Mega Energy).
  4. Confirm your selection, and witness your Charizard transform into the mighty Mega Charizard X!

Important Note: The first time you Mega Evolve a Pokémon, the cost will be the full amount (200 Mega Energy in this case). However, subsequent Mega Evolutions of the same Pokémon will require progressively less Mega Energy, making it easier to keep your Mega Charizard X battle-ready.

How to Solo Defeat Mega Charizard X in Pokémon GO

How To Get Mega Charizard X And Its Shiny Form In Pokemon Go
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While defeating Mega Charizard X solo is a challenging feat, it’s not impossible under the right circumstances. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • High-Level, Powered-Up Counters: You’ll need a team of Pokémon specifically strong against Mega Charizard X’s weaknesses (more on that later). Ideally, these Pokémon should be at their maximum level (Level 40) and have their best moves unlocked.
  • Perfect Weather Conditions: Sunny or Windy weather boosts the power of Rock and Ground-type Pokémon, which are highly effective against Mega Charizard X. Take advantage of these weather conditions to maximize your team’s damage output.
  • Master Dodging and Throwing Techniques: Sharpen your skills in dodging Mega Charizard X’s attacks and landing precise throws with your Premier Balls. Every bit of saved health and maximized damage dealt increases your chances of solo victory.

Important Note: Successfully soloing Mega Charizard X raids is highly dependent on having maxed-out counters with the best movesets. For most trainers, assembling a strong team of fellow trainers is recommended for a more manageable and enjoyable raid experience.

How Many Trainers Are Needed?

The number of trainers needed to defeat Mega Charizard X depends on the trainers’ overall power and experience. Here’s a general guideline:

  • 1-2 Trainers (Very Difficult): Only highly skilled trainers with maxed-out, powerful counters should attempt this.
  • 3-5 Trainers (Challenging): A small group of trainers with strong counters can achieve victory with good coordination.
  • 5+ Trainers (Recommended): With a larger group, the battle becomes more manageable, allowing for a wider range of Pokemon choices.

Top Mega Charizard X Counters

Here are the best Pokemon to counter Mega Charizard X in raids:

  • Mega Rayquaza: This powerhouse boasts incredible Dragon-type attacks like Dragon Tail and Outrage, making it a top contender.
  • Primal Groudon: This Ground-type titan resists Fire-type attacks and deals super effective Ground-type damage with moves like Mud Shot and Earthquake.
  • Dialga: The Steel and Dragon-type Dialga offers strong resistance to Fire-type attacks while dishing out powerful Dragon Breath and Iron Head.
  • Salamence: This pseudo-legendary shines with its Dragon-type attacks like Dragon Tail and Outrage.
  • Garchomp: Another pseudo-legendary, Garchomp utilizes Dragon Tail and Outrage effectively against Mega Charizard X.
  • Tyranitar: This Rock and Dark-type Pokemon resists Fire-type attacks and deals super effective Rock damage with SmackDown and Stone Edge (especially under Sunny or Windy weather).
  • Rampardos: This Rock-type powerhouse specializes in Rock Slide, making it a great choice under Sunny or Windy weather conditions.

For Budget-Friendly Options: If you lack the top counters, consider these alternatives:

  • Melmetal: This Steel-type Pokemon resists Fire-type attacks and deals decent damage with Thunder Shock and Hyper Beam.
  • Rhyperior: This Rock and Ground-type Pokemon offers resistance to Fire-type attacks and deals super effective Ground damage with Mud-Slap and Earthquake.
  • Golurk: This Ground and Ghost-type Pokemon resists Fire-type attacks and deals super effective Ground damage with Mud-Slap and Earthquake.

What Weather is Best for Beating Mega Charizard X?

Weather conditions significantly impact the difficulty of Mega Charizard X raids. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Sunny/Windy: Boosts Rock-type attacks, making Rock-type counters like Tyranitar and Rampardos even more effective. This is the ideal weather scenario for these raids.
  • Neutral Weather (Clear/Cloudy/Fog/Snow): Rock-type attacks remain neutral, while Fire-type attacks from Mega Charizard X are super effective against Grass-type counters. Focus on Dragon and Ground-type counters in these conditions.
  • Rainy/Snowy/Rainy Snow: Fire-type attacks from Mega Charizard X are resisted by Water-type Pokemon. However, Water-type Pokemon are generally not strong counters for Mega Charizard X due to its Dragon-typing. Avoid focusing solely on water types in these weather conditions.

Can Mega Charizard X be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Yes! The arrival of Mega Charizard X raids in April 2024 marks the debut of Shiny Mega Charizard X in Pokemon GO! The chance of encountering a Shiny Mega Charizard X after defeating it is approximately 1 in 60.

Here are some additional tips to maximize your chances of catching Mega Charizard X, Shiny or not:

  • Golden Razz Berries: These berries significantly increase your catch rate. Use them for every throw during the encounter.
  • Great & Excellent Throws: Landing Great or Excellent Throws grants more Premier Balls, improving your overall catch probability.
  • Pinap Berries (For Shiny Mega Charizard X): If you encounter a Shiny Mega Charizard X, prioritize using Pinap Berries to maximize the candy you receive upon catching it. Shiny Pokemon are guaranteed catches, so focus on getting more candy instead of using Golden Razz Berries.

With dedication, strategic team building, and a little bit of luck, you can conquer Mega Charizard X raids and potentially add this fiery legend (and maybe even its shiny form) to your Pokemon GO collection!


Mega Charizard X raids offer a thrilling challenge and a chance to acquire a powerful Pokemon for your collection. By following the strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to take down this fiery foe. Remember to assemble a team of strong counters, leverage the weather to your advantage, and aim for those Excellent Throws to maximize your success. With perseverance and a bit of luck, you might just encounter a rare Shiny Mega Charizard X and solidify your place as a Pokemon GO master! So, gather your fellow trainers, power up your counters, and get ready to face the might of Mega Charizard X!


Q&A Section

Q: Is Mega Charizard X hard to defeat?

A: Mega Charizard X is a challenging opponent, especially for solo players. It boasts strong Fire and Dragon-type attacks. However, with a team of well-chosen counters, the right weather conditions, and some teamwork, it’s definitely beatable.

Q: What are the best counters for Mega Charizard X?

A: The best counters for Mega Charizard X are Pokemon that resist Fire and Dragon-type attacks and deal super effective damage in return. Top contenders include Mega Rayquaza, Dialga, Tyranitar (especially under Sunny/Windy weather), and Ground-type Pokemon like Groudon and Garchomp.

Q: Can I solo a Mega Charizard X raid?

A: Soloing a Mega Charizard X raid is very challenging and requires near-perfect conditions. You’ll need maxed-out, high-individual value (IV) counters and potentially ideal weather conditions (Sunny/Windy) to pull it off. For most players, teaming up with 2-5 trainers is recommended for a smoother raid experience.

Q: What’s the difference between Mega Charizard X and Mega Charizard Y?

A: Both Mega Charizard X and Y are powerful Fire-type Pokemon, but they differ in type and stats. Mega Charizard X is Fire and Dragon-type, making it resistant to more attack types but slightly slower. Mega Charizard Y is pure Fire-type, focusing on raw offensive power and speed.

Q: Is there a way to increase my chances of catching a Shiny Mega Charizard X?

A: The chance of encountering a Shiny Mega Charizard X after defeating it is around 1 in 60. However, you can maximize your catch rate by using Golden Razz Berries for every throw and aiming for Great or Excellent Throws to earn more Premier Balls. If you do encounter a Shiny Mega Charizard X, switch to Pinap Berries to get more candy upon catching it, since Shiny Pokemon are guaranteed catches.

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