How To Beat the Ghostflame Dragon in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree

The Lands Between are brimming with formidable foes, and the Ghostflame Dragon in the Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree DLC is no exception.

How To Beat the Ghostflame Dragon in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree
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This ghostly dragon throws bone-chilling flames and unleashes powerful strikes, challenging even the most experienced Tarnished warriors considerably. But fear not! With the right strategy and an equal amount of power and strength, you can overcome this fiery Ghostflame Dragon.

In this guide, I will tell you How To Easily Beat the Ghostflame Dragon in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. We will take a look into its attack patterns, explore effective strategies, and recommend helpful gear to secure your victory. So, brace yourself, Tarnished, and prepare to extinguish the Ghostflame Dragon’s reign of terror!

Understanding the Ghostflame Dragon

The Ghostflame Dragon is a fearsome creature cloaked in an ethereal glow. Its fiery breath and swift movements can overwhelm unprepared adventurers. However, by recognizing its attack patterns, you can exploit openings to deal significant damage.

  • Firestorm Fury: The dragon unleashes a torrent of ghostly flames in a wide arc. Dodge sideways or run away on Torrent to avoid the inferno.
  • Clawing Onslaught: The dragon swipes with its massive claws, inflicting heavy physical damage. Time a well-placed roll to evade this attack.
  • Stomping Fury: The dragon slams its claws onto the ground, creating a shockwave that erupts in flames. Jump over the shockwave to remain unscathed.
  • Aerial Assault: The dragon takes flight and rains down fire from above. Seek cover behind pillars or natural formations on the battlefield.
  • Embering Rage (Phase Two): Once its health dips below a certain threshold, the dragon enters phase two. Its body ignites, and it starts summoning skeletal warriors to fight alongside it. Prioritize eliminating the skeletons to avoid getting overwhelmed.

How To Beat the Ghostflame Dragon

How To Beat the Ghostflame Dragon in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree
image by FromSoftware Inc.

Beating the Ghostflame Dragon requires a well-defined strategy. Here are some essential strategies to follow.

  • Utilize Torrent’s Mobility: The Ghostflame Dragon boasts exceptional movement. Employ your spectral steed, Torrent, to close the gap and maneuver swiftly around the dragon during combat. However, don’t rely solely on Torrent for hit-and-run tactics, as the dragon can quickly cover vast distances.
  • Target the Head for Critical Hits: Focus your attacks on the Ghostflame Dragon’s head. Landing two or three solid strikes will cause it to stumble forward, exposing a vulnerable glowing orange crit spot on its right side. Exploit this opening with a heavy attack to trigger a critical animation, dealing significant damage.
  • Prioritize Cautious Gameplay: The Ghostflame Dragon possesses devastating attacks that can eliminate you in a single blow if your defenses are inadequate. Stay alert and prioritize dodging when the dragon unleashes its fiery breath. Dodge towards its body or use Torrent to evade sideways. Running directly away is highly risky.
  • Beware of the Undead Summons: When the Ghostflame Dragon raises its head and its stomach glows white, it’s preparing to unleash an area-of-effect attack that summons undead enemies. Eliminate these additional foes swiftly, as they can overwhelm you if you remain focused solely on the dragon.
  • Capitalize on Grounded Opportunities: The dragon’s dive attack presents a golden opportunity for offensive maneuvers. If you successfully dodge this attack, the dragon will be grounded for several seconds, leaving it open to a relentless assault. During this window, unleash your most powerful attacks, aiming for the head whenever possible.
  • The Importance of Patience: This fight is a marathon, not a sprint. Don’t get greedy and try to land too many hits at once. Focus on staying safe, dealing measured damage, and exploiting openings that arise.

Easy Mode: Long-Range Sorcery Cheese

For those seeking a more relaxed approach, a specific sorcery build allows you to cheese this encounter. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Loretta’s Mastery or Loretta’s Greatbow: These long-range sorceries home in on your target, enabling you to inflict damage from a safe distance. You can relentlessly bombard the dragon without facing it directly, keeping you out of range of its deadly attacks.
  • High Focus (FP): Both sorceries consume a significant amount of FP. Ensure you have enough FP reserves and equip FP-replenishing items like mana pots to maintain a constant barrage.
  • Loretta’s Mastery vs. Greatbow: Loretta’s Mastery is significantly more potent but requires reaching Miquella’s Haligtree. Loretta’s Greatbow is obtainable earlier in the main game but deals less damage.

Gearing Up for Glory

The right equipment can make a world of difference in this battle. Here are some gear recommendations:

  • Level Recommendation: The Ghostflame Dragon is a formidable opponent, so it’s recommended to be at least level 150 before challenging it. This ensures you have sufficient health and damage output to weather the storm.
  • Weapons: Opt for weapons with good physical damage output. For close-quarters combat, consider fast-swinging greatswords, hammers, or katanas. If using ranged attacks, choose bows with fire-resistant arrows or powerful spells.
  • Armor: Prioritize armor sets with high fire resistance, such as the Black Knife Set or Radahn’s Lion Set.
  • Spirit Ashes: Summoning a Spirit Ash can provide a valuable distraction and help draw the dragon’s aggro. Mimic Tear or Lhutel the Headless are strong options, but any tanky Spirit Ash will be beneficial.
  • Talismans: Equip talismans that boost your attack power, defense, or provide fire resistance. The Dragoncrest Greatshield Talisman, Shard of Alexander, and Millicent’s Prosthesis are all valuable options.

Consumables and Crafting: A Tarnished’s Toolkit

Don’t forget the power of consumables! Here are some items that can give you an edge:

  • Healing Flasks: This goes without saying. Stock up on Crimson Flasks to heal yourself throughout the fight.
  • Buffing Items: Use consumables like Flameproofed Cracked Tear or Boiled Crab to temporarily boost your fire resistance.
  • Throwing Knives: These can be surprisingly effective at interrupting the dragon’s attacks, creating openings for you to land a critical hit.
  • Crafting Materials: Stock up on crafting materials like Cracked Tears and Starlight. These can be used to create powerful healing flasks and buffs during the fight.
How To Beat the Ghostflame Dragon in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree
image by FromSoftware Inc.

Rewards of the Burned Sky: Claiming Victory

Defeating the Ghostflame Dragon grants you a trove of valuable rewards:

  • Runes: A significant amount of Runes for leveling up your character.
  • Legendary Weapon: A unique and powerful legendary weapon, the exact weapon depends on your chosen path in the Shadow of the Erdtree storyline.
  • Dragon Heart: A rare material used for crafting powerful armaments and incantations.
  • Progression Unlock: Vanquishing the Ghostflame Dragon unlocks a crucial story element within the Shadow of the Erdtree expansion.

Facing the Flames with Confidence

By following these tips and approaching the fight with a strategic mindset, you’ll be well on your way to conquering the Ghostflame Dragon. Remember, patience, persistence, and a healthy dose of respect for your opponent’s firepower are key to emerging victorious from this fiery challenge. So, Tarnished, raise your weapon, summon your courage, and prepare to claim your place as the slayer of the Ghostflame Dragon!

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Q&A Section

Q: What is the recommended level for fighting the Ghostflame Dragon?

A: While an exact level isn’t available. It’s recommended to be at least level 150 before challenging the Ghostflame Dragon with upgraded equipment as it will significantly increase your chances of success.

Q: Are there any items that can be particularly helpful against the Ghostflame Dragon?

A: Utilizing Spirit Ashes to distract the dragon can create openings for you to land attacks. Additionally, equipping armor with high fire resistance can offer some protection against the dragon’s fiery breath.

Q: Is the Ghostflame Dragon an optional boss?

A: No, defeating the Ghostflame Dragon is mandatory to progress through the Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree expansion.

Q: What’s the best weapon to use against the Ghostflame Dragon?

A: It depends on your playstyle. Faster weapons with bleed buildup can work well, but strong, slow weapons are also effective, especially for critical hits. Upgrade your weapon to at least +10 for maximum damage.

Q: What’s the most effective way to damage the Ghostflame Dragon?

A: Focus your attacks on the legs or head (critical spot) when safe. If using Torrent, employ hit-and-run tactics, striking quickly and retreating before the dragon retaliates.

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