Helldivers 2- How To Play Solo: Comprehensive Guide

So you want to liberate the galaxy from the tyrannid menace of the Terminids and Automatons, but you prefer to fight solo? Fear not, Helldiver! This comprehensive guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to conquer Helldivers 2 as a lone wolf.

Helldivers 2- How To Play Solo
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While Helldivers 2 is undeniably a blast in co-op, venturing out on your own offers a unique challenge. You’ll face a steeper difficulty curve, but the satisfaction of overcoming it is unparalleled. Here’s everything you need to know to dominate the battlefield as a one-person army.

Helldivers 2- Challenges of Solo Play

Helldivers 2 does not offer an official single-player mode or offline play. As such, players embarking on solo missions must contend with the absence of squadmates and face the full brunt of enemy forces alone. This lack of support significantly amplifies the difficulty level, making successful mission completion a daunting task.

Helldivers 2 Difficulty Settings

Choosing to play solo introduces additional complexity, especially when considering difficulty settings. While it’s technically feasible to tackle missions beyond the Trivial and Easy difficulties solo, doing so requires exceptional skill and strategy. Higher difficulty levels drastically increase enemy aggression and resilience, posing a substantial challenge even for seasoned players.

Loadout Strategies for the Solo Helldiver

Choosing the right gear is crucial for solo success. Here’s a breakdown of key elements:

  • Armor: Prioritize survivability. Opt for heavier armor like the Juggernaut or Specialist variants. These offer better protection against enemy fire and environmental hazards. Shield boosters become invaluable for extra defense when facing heavy enemy onslaughts.
  • Weapons: Versatility is key. Pack a primary weapon that deals good damage at a medium range, like the assault rifle or shotgun. Carry a secondary weapon for close encounters, like a pistol or plasma shotgun. Don’t forget a grenade launcher for taking out clusters of enemies or destroying objectives.
  • Stratagems: These are your tactical tools. Pack a mix of offensive and defensive options. Air strikes and orbital deployments help eliminate large enemy groups. For defense, consider shield regenerators, ammo resupply packs, or even a personal cloaking field for tricky situations. The “Support Buddy” stratagem deploys a helpful AI bot that can revive you and provide limited firepower.
  • Deployables: Pack deployables that complement your playstyle. A mobile repair station keeps your armor in top shape, while a jump pack grants increased mobility. Stasis grenades can be lifesavers, allowing you to temporarily stun enemies for a quick escape or to revive yourself.

Remember: Experiment with different load-outs to find what works best for you and the specific mission type.

Helldivers 2- How To Play Solo
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Setting Matchmaking Privacy

For those determined to brave the Helldivers universe alone, adjusting matchmaking privacy settings is crucial. By accessing the Options menu and selecting Gameplay, players can designate their matchmaking lobby as “Friends Only.” This configuration ensures that solo sessions remain private, excluding random players from joining the game.

Galactic War Table Dynamics

Utilizing the Galactic War table offers solo players additional flexibility. While solo missions preclude the possibility of joining forces with other players mid-mission, players can still engage in cooperative gameplay through active missions or Quickplay matchmaking. This dynamic allows solo players to maintain control over their gaming experience while retaining the option for collaborative engagements.

Expert Tips for Solo Survival

Mastering Solo Tactics

Solo Helldivers 2 requires a different approach than squad play. Here are some essential tactics:

Embrace the Maneuver: Going solo means you can’t rely on teammates to cover your flanks. Stay mobile, keep moving from cover to cover, and avoid getting pinned down. Utilize the environment to your advantage – use buildings, trenches, and natural formations for cover.

Prioritize Targets: Identify and eliminate high-priority targets first. These include enemy leaders, heavy units like tanks or cyborgs, and missile launchers. Taking them down quickly minimizes incoming damage and makes overall combat easier.

The Art of Strategic Retreat: Don’t be afraid to retreat if overwhelmed. Call in a resupply drop ship if you’re low on ammo or health. Sometimes, a tactical withdrawal and regrouping is the key to victory.

Utilize AI Support: Your Support Buddy and deployable turrets provide valuable assistance. Use them strategically to distract enemies, draw fire, or even finish off weakened foes.

Master the Art of Reinforcement: Reinforcements are your lifeline. Learn the different types of vehicles and support options available. Drop a Stratagem Beacon to call in reinforcements at crucial moments, such as needing a quick getaway with a drop-ship or extra firepower with a Tank.

Embrace the Power of Stratagems: Don’t be shy about using your stratagems! These are powerful tools that can turn the tide of battle. Use them strategically to eliminate threats, heal yourself, or gain a tactical advantage.

Advanced Solo Techniques

Once you’ve mastered the basics, elevate your solo play with these advanced tips:

Stealth is Your Friend: Solo play lends itself well to a stealthy approach. Use silenced weapons, stasis grenades, and deployable smoke covers to take down enemies without alerting the entire map. This tactic is particularly useful for completing objectives that require minimal enemy resistance.

Objective Prioritization: Be aware of which objectives are essential and which are secondary. Focus on completing primary objectives first, like securing intel or destroying enemy structures. Secondary objectives can be tackled if time allows.

Master the Drop Zone: Learn to land strategically – consider landing near friendly outposts or resource points for easier access to reinforcements and resupplies.

Know When to Evacuate: Don’t become a martyr! If the situation becomes overwhelming, prioritize extraction over completing the objective. Remember, a successful retreat is better than a valiant but costly defeat.

Embrace the Challenge: Solo play in Helldivers 2 is a demanding but rewarding experience. Don’t get discouraged by setbacks – learn from your mistakes and adapt your tactics. The more you practice, the more skilled and efficient you’ll become.


Solo play in Helldivers 2 is a challenging but ultimately rewarding experience. With the right approach, even the lone Helldiver can liberate planets and become a legend of Super Earth. Remember, practice makes perfect – don’t get discouraged by setbacks, and keep refining your tactics. With perseverance and a strategic mind, you’ll be eliminating threats and securing objectives like a seasoned veteran. Good luck, soldier!

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Q&A Section

Q: Is solo play viable in Helldivers 2?

A: While technically possible, solo play in Helldivers 2 significantly amplifies the game’s difficulty and presents a formidable challenge.

Q: Can other players join solo missions?

A: No, solo missions in Helldivers 2 are exclusively solitary endeavors, barring the participation of other players.

Q: What are the recommended difficulty settings for solo play?

A: Trivial and Easy difficulties are the most manageable for solo players, although higher difficulty levels offer increased challenge for seasoned veterans.

Q: Are there benefits to solo play in Helldivers 2?

A: Solo play offers a unique challenge and allows players to test their skills in a solitary environment. However, it requires careful strategy and adaptability to overcome its inherent difficulties.

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