GTA Online: Hunt Down Criminals and Earn Big in Bottom Dollar Bounties

Attention GTA Online players! Get ready to trade in your racing helmet for a bounty hunter hat. Rockstar Games just launched a major update called Bottom Dollar Bounties, bringing a fresh wave of criminal justice (and cold hard cash) to the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County.

Grand Theft Auto Online Hunt Down Criminals and Earn Big in Bottom Dollar Bounties
image by Rockstar Games

This exciting update lets you become a bail enforcer, taking on the responsibility of tracking down and apprehending skip-tracer targets. If you played the story mode of Grand Theft Auto V, you might remember Maude Eccles, the gruff bounty hunter who gave Trevor a few jobs. Well, in Bottom Dollar Bounties, Maude is passing the torch to her daughter, Jenette, and you get to step into the role of her new right-hand bounty hunter.

Become a Badass Bounty Hunter

Working with Jenette at Bottom Dollar Bail Enforcement, you’ll take on missions to find and apprehend wanted criminals. These targets aren’t exactly top-priority criminals – they’re more like lowlifes who skipped out on their bail bond. But hey, every bounty counts, and there’s good money to be made bringing them in.

Grand Theft Auto Online Hunt Down Criminals and Earn Big in Bottom Dollar Bounties
image by Rockstar Games

The beauty of bounty hunting is the freedom to choose how you approach each target. Do you want to go in guns blazing and take them down head-on? Or would you prefer a more tactical approach, using stealth and strategy to capture your quarry? The choice is yours.

New Dispatch Work from LSPD

If bounty hunting isn’t your style, Bottom Dollar Bounties also introduces new “Dispatch Work” missions from a familiar face – LSPD officer Vincent Effenburger. These off-the-books tasks will have you working alongside Vincent to take down criminals and maintain order in the city.

Grand Theft Auto Online Hunt Down Criminals and Earn Big in Bottom Dollar Bounties
image by Rockstar Games

For those who enjoy the thrill of police chases and takedowns, Dispatch Work missions offer a chance to get behind the wheel of new law enforcement vehicles and experience the action from a cop’s perspective.

Gear Up with Powerful New Vehicles

No bounty hunter is complete without a reliable set of wheels. Bottom Dollar Bounties brings a collection of impressive new vehicles across various classes to beef up your garage.

Luxury car enthusiasts will love the Enus Paragon S (Sports) and the Bollokan Envisage (Sports). Both offer exceptional performance right off the showroom floor, and can be further enhanced with cutting-edge Imani Tech modifications at your Agency.

If you crave a balance between muscle and efficiency, then the Übermacht Niobe (Sports) might be your perfect match. This hybrid powerhouse delivers unbeatable speed and power without sacrificing fuel economy.

For those who appreciate classic design with a modern twist, the Annis Euros X32 (Coupe) is a must-have. This sleek vehicle combines the elegance of a bygone era with the performance capabilities of a modern sports car.

Exclusive Benefits for GTA+ Members

GTA+ members get some special perks with Bottom Dollar Bounties. The update introduces the Vinewood Club app for your in-game phone, allowing you to conveniently request vehicle deliveries, collect earnings from your business safes, and even replenish ammo on the go.

Grand Theft Auto Online Hunt Down Criminals and Earn Big in Bottom Dollar Bounties
image by Rockstar Games

The Vinewood Club Garage also gets an upgrade, featuring a dedicated Vehicle Workshop where you can customize your rides to your heart’s content. And to top it all off, GTA+ members get early access to the Överflöd Pipistrello (Super), a stunning new supercar available for free at the Vinewood Car Club.

More Than Just Missions and Vehicles

Bottom Dollar Bounties isn’t just about chasing bounties and driving cool cars. Rockstar Games has also implemented a series of gameplay improvements based on player feedback. These include permanent payout boosts for activities like Contact Missions, Taxi Work, and Open Wheel Races.

For business owners, the update extends the Sell Mission timer for Gunrunning and Biker businesses, giving you more breathing room to complete those crucial sales. And to make life a little easier, snacks will now automatically replenish when you join most missions.

Finally, the armor and defense of the Bombushka and Sparrow have been significantly increased, making these fan-favorite vehicles more viable options in hostile situations.

A Thrilling New Chapter for GTA Online

With its exciting new bounty-hunting gameplay, diverse missions, impressive vehicles, and valuable quality-of-life improvements, Bottom Dollar Bounties promises to be a major draw for GTA Online players. So, dust off your cowboy hat, crank up the radio, and get ready to deliver some bottom-dollar justice to the streets of Los Santos.

Bottom Dollar Bounties is available now as a free update for GTA Online on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC.

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Q&A Section

Q: Is Bottom Dollar Bounties a paid DLC?

A: No, Bottom Dollar Bounties is a free update available for GTA Online on all platforms.

Q: How do I become a bounty hunter?

A: You’ll need to receive a call from Maude Eccles and purchase a Bail Office. Once inside, register as a CEO or MC President and use the computer to access the Bail Enforcement System.

Q: Can I bring in targets alive or dead?

A: Yes! You get a bigger reward for capturing them alive, but using lethal force is also an option.

Q: What are Dispatch Work missions?

A: These are special “off-the-books” missions from the LSPD for GTA Online players, offering a change of pace from bounty hunting.

Q: What benefits do GTA+ members get?

A: GTA+ members get a new in-game app for requesting vehicles, collecting business earnings, and restocking ammo. They also get early access to a new supercar “Överflöd Pipistrello” and a Vehicle Workshop for customization.

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