Catching Origin Forme Palkia in Pokemon GO & Shiny Hunting Secrets (2024)

Trainers, prepare to encounter the majestic ruler of the Distortion World! Origin Forme Palkia has arrived in Pokemon GO, offering a powerful and visually stunning addition to your collection.

Catching Origin Forme Palkia in Pokemon GO
image by Niantic

But how do you snag this elusive Legendary Pokemon, and is there a chance it might be shimmering with a rare, shiny coat? Fear not, fellow trainers, for this guide will equip you with all the knowledge you need to bring Origin Forme Palkia into your fold.

Palkia, a Water- and Dragon-type Legendary Pokemon, hails from the Sinnoh region. With its unparalleled control over spatial boundaries, Palkia can traverse vast distances and even venture into alternate dimensions. As it returns to Pokemon GO raids on February 24 and 25, 2024, trainers must prepare adeptly to encounter and conquer this formidable creature.

Where to Find Origin Forme Palkia

Unfortunately, Origin Forme Palkia won’t be casually strolling through your local park. It will appear in Five-Star Raid Battles, meaning you’ll need to team up with other trainers to take it down. These raids can be found at Gyms and can be accessed with a Raid Pass (regular or Premium).

Here’s where things get interesting: the Sinnoh Tour event introduces a badge system that influences your encounter with Palkia. Trainers who choose the Pearl Badge will have a higher chance of encountering Palkia in its Origin Forme, while the Diamond Badge prioritizes encounters with Dialga’s Origin Forme.

Pro Tip: Coordinate with other trainers to choose the badge that aligns with your desired legendary encounter. Remember, teamwork makes the dream (and the catch) work!

Catching Origin Forme Palkia in Pokemon GO
image by Niantic

Pokemon Selection for Palkia Raids

To triumph over Palkia in raid battles, trainers must assemble a team strategically. Given Palkia’s vulnerability to Dragon- and Fairy-type attacks, leveraging Pokemon equipped with moves of these types proves pivotal. While it’s not mandatory to exclusively employ Dragon- or Fairy-type Pokemon, capitalizing on the same-type attack bonus enhances damage output significantly.

Suggested Dragon-type Pokemon

Dragonite / Shadow Dragonite (Dragon/Flying)

  • Fast Attack: Dragon Breath (Dragon), Dragon Tail (Dragon)
  • Charged Attack: Draco Meteor (Dragon), Dragon Claw (Dragon), Dragon Pulse (Dragon), Outrage (Dragon)

Salamence / Shadow Salamence (Dragon/Flying) / Mega Salamence (Dragon/Flying)

  • Fast Attack: Dragon Tail (Dragon)
  • Charged Attack: Draco Meteor (Dragon), Outrage (Dragon)

Latias / Mega Latias (Dragon/Psychic)

  • Fast Attack: Charm (Fairy), Dragon Breath (Dragon)
  • Charged Attack: Outrage (Dragon)

Latios / Mega Latios (Dragon/Psychic)

  • Fast Attack: Dragon Breath (Dragon)
  • Charged Attack: Dragon Claw (Dragon)

Rayquaza / Mega Rayquaza (Dragon/Flying)

  • Fast Attack: Dragon Tail (Dragon)
  • Charged Attack: Outrage (Dragon)

Garchomp / Mega Garchomp (Dragon/Ground)

  • Fast Attack: Dragon Tail (Dragon)
  • Charged Attack: Outrage (Dragon)

Dialga (Steel/Dragon) / Origin Forme Dialga (Steel/Dragon)

  • Fast Attack: Dragon Breath (Dragon)
  • Charged Attack: Draco Meteor (Dragon) / Roar of Time (Dragon)

Palkia / Origin Forme Palkia (Water/Dragon)

  • Fast Attack: Dragon Breath (Dragon), Dragon Tail (Dragon)
  • Charged Attack: Draco Meteor (Dragon) / Spacial Rend (Dragon)

Haxorus (Dragon)

  • Fast Attack: Dragon Tail (Dragon)
  • Charged Attack: Dragon Claw (Dragon)

Zekrom (Dragon/Electric)

  • Fast Attack: Dragon Breath (Dragon)
  • Charged Attack: Outrage (Dragon)

Suggested Fairy-type Pokemon

Gardevoir / Mega Gardevoir / Shadow Gardevoir (Psychic/Fairy)

  • Fast Attack: Charm (Fairy)
  • Charged Attack: Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)

Togekiss (Fairy/Flying)

  • Fast Attack: Charm (Fairy)
  • Charged Attack: Dazzling Gleam (Fairy)

Sylveon (Fairy)

  • Fast Attack: Charm (Fairy)
  • Charged Attack: Dazzling Gleam (Fairy), Draining Kiss (Fairy), Moonblast (Fairy)

Xerneas (Fairy)

  • Fast Attack: Geomancy (Fairy)
  • Charged Attack: Moonblast (Fairy)

Other Useful Pokemon

Mega Gyarados (Water/Dark)

  • Fast Attack: Dragon Breath (Dragon), Dragon Tail (Dragon)
  • Charged Attack: Dragon Pulse (Dragon), Outrage (Dragon), Twister (Dragon)

Mewtwo / Shadow Mewtwo (Psychic)

  • Fast Attack: Confusion (Psychic), Psycho Cut (Psychic)
  • Charged Attack: Psychic (Psychic), Psystrike (Psychic)

Enhancing Catch Success: Premier Balls and Berries

Following a successful raid, trainers face the challenge of capturing Palkia. Maximizing catch potential involves astute employment of Premier Balls and berries. Collaborating with friends to expedite raid completion yields additional Premier Balls, amplifying capture opportunities.

Aim for precision during encounters with Palkia, capitalizing on Excellent throws for optimal catch rates. Employing Curveballs further augments success chances. Additionally, timing throws to coincide with Palkia’s movement pauses enhances accuracy.

Strategic berry usage can tip the scales in favor of successful captures. Razz Berries and Golden Razz Berries augment catch rates significantly. In cases of erratic movement, Nanab Berries stabilizes Palkia, facilitating precise throws.

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Shimmering Distortion: Hunting for the Shiny Palkia

Catching Origin Forme Palkia in Pokemon GO
image by Niantic

And now for the question that sets many trainers’ hearts aflutter: can Origin Forme Palkia be shiny? The answer is a resounding YES! Shiny hunters rejoice as this Legendary Pokemon possesses a unique color palette featuring a vibrant purple hue and blue accents. However, be prepared for a challenge. The base shiny rate in Pokemon GO is 1 in 4096, meaning each encounter has a roughly 0.024% chance of being shiny. This means patience and perseverance are key!

Shiny Hunting Tips:

  • Participate in as many Origin Forme Palkia raids as possible: The more encounters you have, the higher your chances of finding a shiny.
  • Team up with other trainers: This allows you to split raid passes and potentially encounter more Palkia throughout the day.
  • Join online communities and forums: Connecting with other shiny hunters can provide valuable support, motivation, and shared experiences.

Beyond the Catch: Powering Up Your Palkia

Upon successfully capturing Palkia, trainers unlock a formidable asset for their team. With its Water- and Dragon-type attributes, Palkia boasts resilience against Fire-, Water-, and Steel-type attacks.

In raid battles, Palkia emerges as a stalwart ally against formidable adversaries like Mega Charizard X and Groudon. Its high CP and diverse moveset render it a potent force in the Master League, albeit requiring strategic utilization.

Teaching Palkia a secondary Charged Attack, such as Draco Meteor, enhances its versatility and combat prowess. However, powering up Palkia demands substantial resources, necessitating prudent resource allocation and utilization of Pinap Berries to expedite progress.


Catching Origin Forme Palkia is a rewarding experience, offering a powerful addition to your team and a rare shiny opportunity. Remember, preparation, strategic team composition, and a dash of luck are key to success. So, gather your fellow trainers, delve into the Five-Star Raids, and bring this majestic Water/Dragon guardian under your command! May the Origin shine upon you!

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Q&A Section

Q: How can trainers optimize Premier Ball usage during Palkia encounters?

A: Collaborating with friends to hasten raid completion earns additional Premier Balls, maximizing capture opportunities. Precision throwing during encounters, especially aiming for Excellent throws, further enhances catch success rates.

Q: What role do berries play in enhancing catch success?

A: Razz Berries and Golden Razz Berries significantly augment catch rates when employed judiciously. Nanab Berries prove invaluable for stabilizing erratic Pokemon movements, and facilitating accurate throws.

Q: Is Origin Forme Palkia available after the Sinnoh Tour event?

A: Currently, Niantic hasn’t confirmed the future availability of Origin Forme Palkia. It might reappear in future events, raids, or special research tasks, but there’s no official information yet.

Q: Can I trade for a shiny Origin Forme Palkia?

A: Shiny Pokemon trades are currently disabled in Pokemon GO to prevent unfair advantages. You’ll have to rely on your own luck during raids.

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