Asus ROG Ally X Powers Up for Launch with Big Battery Boost, RAM Upgrade, and Big Storage

The wait is almost over for the Asus ROG Ally X, the highly anticipated successor to the popular ROG Ally handheld gaming device. Asus officially unveiled the Ally X in late May 2024, and it’s set to hit store shelves on July 22nd.

Asus ROG Ally X Powers Up for Launch with Big Battery Boost, RAM Upgrade, and Big Storage
image by Asus

This new iteration promises significant improvements over its predecessor, particularly in three key areas: battery life, RAM, and storage space.

Double the Power, Double the Playtime

Battery life was a common pain point for gamers with the original ROG Ally. The new Ally X addresses this head-on by packing in a whopping 80Wh battery. That’s double the capacity of the original’s 40Wh battery! This translates to much longer gaming sessions without needing to scramble for a charger.

Asus claims the Ally X can deliver up to three hours of gameplay on demanding titles, and up to a staggering 10 hours for everyday use. This significant boost in battery life makes the Ally X a far more compelling option for gamers who want to take their favorite PC titles on the road.

24GB of RAM for Smooth Sailing

Asus ROG Ally X Powers Up for Launch with Big Battery Boost, RAM Upgrade, and Big Storage
image by Asus

Multitasking and demanding games can easily bog down a system with limited RAM. The ROG Ally X tackles this by offering a generous 24GB of LPDDR5X RAM. This high-performance RAM ensures smooth performance, even when juggling multiple applications or running graphically intensive games. The extra headroom will also be appreciated by users who like to keep several programs open at once, like browsers with multiple tabs, chat applications, and game launchers.

Store More Games, Store More Memories

Running out of storage space is a constant battle for many gamers. The ROG Ally X eliminates this worry with a massive 1TB solid-state drive (SSD). This allows you to install a large library of games without worrying about filling up the drive. The spacious SSD also provides ample room for storing other files, such as videos, photos, and documents. The faster read and write speeds of the SSD compared to a traditional hard drive will also lead to quicker loading times in games.

Beyond the Big Three: A Look at Other Upgrades

Asus ROG Ally X Powers Up for Launch with Big Battery Boost, RAM Upgrade, and Big Storage
image by Asus

While the battery life, RAM, and storage capacity are the headline features, the ROG Ally X boasts other improvements as well. The device features a redesigned chassis that Asus claims offers better ergonomics and a more comfortable grip for extended gaming sessions. The cooling system has also been revamped, with new fans that are smaller yet more powerful, resulting in improved airflow and lower operating temperatures. This translates to quieter operation and potentially better performance as the device throttles less due to heat.

The Ally X retains the original’s 7-inch, 120Hz refresh rate LCD display, providing a smooth and visually appealing gaming experience. Connectivity options include USB 4 for fast data transfer and external display support. The device runs on Windows 11, giving gamers access to a vast library of PC games, launchers like Steam and Epic Games Launcher, and various productivity and entertainment applications.

Asus ROG Ally X Specs

SpecificationAsus ROG Ally X
Operating SystemWindows 11 Home
ProcessorCPU:AMD Ryzen™ Z1 Extreme Processor (“Zen4” architecture with 4nm process, 8-core /16-threads, 24MB total cache, up to 5.10 Ghz boost)
GPU:AMD Radeon™ Graphics (AMD RDNA™ 3, 12 CUs, up to 2.7 GHz, up to 8.6 Teraflops)
TDP: 9-30W
FHD (1920 x 1080) 16:9
glossy display
Gorilla® Glass Victus™
Touch Screen (10-point multi-touch)
Refresh Rate:120Hz
Response Time:7ms
FreeSync Premium
Memory12GB*2 LPDDR5 on board
Support dual channel memory
Storage1TB PCIe® 4.0 NVMe™ M.2 SSD (2280)
I/O Ports1x 3.5mm Combo Audio Jack
1x USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C support DisplayPort™ / power delivery
1x Type C support USB 4 (Thunderbolt™ 4 compliance, DisplayPort™ 1.4 with Freesync support, Power Delivery 3.0)
1x UHS-II microSD card reader (supports SD, SDXC and SDHC)
Control and InputA B X Y buttons
L & R Hall Effect analog triggers
L & R bumpers
View button
Menu button
Command Center button
Armoury Crate button
2 x assignable grip buttons
Thumbsticks: 2 x full-size analog sticks
Haptics: HD haptics
Gyro:6-Axis IMU
AudioAI noise-canceling technology
Hi-Res certification (for headphone)
Smart Amp Technology
Dolby Atmos
Built-in array microphone
2-speaker system with Smart Amplifier Technology
Network and CommunicationWi-Fi 6E(802.11ax) (Triple band) 2*2 + Bluetooth® 5.2 (*Bluetooth® version may change with OS version different.)
Battery80WHrs, 4S1P, 4-cell Li-ion
Power SupplyTYPE-C, 65W AC Adapter, Output: 20V DC, 3.25A, 65W, Input: 100~240V AC 50/60Hz universal
Weight678 g (1.49 lbs)
Dimensions (W x D x H)28.0 x 11.1 x 2.47 ~ 3.69 cm (11.02″ x 4.37″ x 0.97″ ~ 1.45″)
Xbox Game PassXbox Game Pass Ultimate 3 months
SecurityBuilt-in Fingerprint Sensor
Microsoft Pluton security processor

Pricing and Availability

The Asus ROG Ally X is now available for pre-order at major retailers like Best Buy for a price of $799.99. This represents a slight premium over the original ROG Ally, which can currently be found for around $650 due to price drops. However, considering the significant upgrades in battery life, RAM, and storage, the Ally X offers a compelling value proposition for serious mobile gamers.

Early Impressions: A Powerful Contender in the Handheld Gaming Market

With its impressive battery life, ample RAM, and spacious storage, the ROG Ally X is poised to be a major player in the handheld gaming market. Early impressions from tech reviewers have been positive, with praise for the device’s improved performance, longer playtime, and comfortable design. While some reviewers have noted the slightly increased weight due to the larger battery, the benefits seem to outweigh the drawbacks.

The launch of the Ally X comes at an interesting time, with rumors swirling about a potential Xbox handheld competitor and the ongoing success of the Valve Steam Deck. With its powerful specs and focus on pure PC gaming capabilities, the ROG Ally X is sure to spark a heated battle for dominance in the exciting world of mobile PC gaming.

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Q&A Section

Q: How much longer is the battery life on the Ally X compared to the original Ally?

A: The Ally X boasts double the battery life, with an 80Wh battery versus the original’s 40Wh. This translates to hours of extra playtime.

Q: How much RAM does the Ally X have?

A: The Ally X comes equipped with a generous 24GB of LPDDR5X RAM, ensuring smooth performance even for demanding games and multitasking.

Q: How much storage space does the Ally X offer?

A: The Ally X features a massive 1TB solid-state drive (SSD), providing ample space for your game library, other files, and enjoying faster loading times.

Q: What kind of display does the Ally X have?

A: The Ally X retains the original’s 7-inch LCD display with a smooth 120Hz refresh rate for a visually appealing gaming experience.

Q: When will the Ally X be available and how much will it cost?

A: The Ally X is available for pre-order now for $799.99, hitting store shelves on July 22nd, 2024.

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