Swipe to explore the 10 Pokemons who can beat the sleepy giant Snorlax in Pokemon Go

Mega Heracross This Mega Evolution packs a powerful punch and can take down Snorlax quickly.

Mega Blaziken Another Mega Evolution, Mega Blaziken can be a great choice if you have one.

Terrakion This Legendary Pokemon is a fantastic counter to Snorlax.

Shadow Machamp The Shadow version of Machamp is even stronger than the regular version and can be a great asset in battle.

Keldeo (Ordinary Form) This Mythical Pokemon is a strong counter, especially in its Ordinary Forme.

Lucario A fan favorite, Lucario with Counter and Aura Sphere can be a reliable fighter.

Conkeldurr This Fighting-type Pokemon with Counter and Dynamic Punch can hold its own against Snorlax.

Breloom Breloom with Counter and Dynamic Punch is another good option.

Blaziken Even the regular Blaziken with Counter and Focus Blast can be effective.

Urshifu This Fighting-type delivers powerful blows with Wicked Blow, making Snorlax vulnerable.

So, the next time you face Snorlax, you'll be well-prepared with a team of powerful Fighting-type Pokemon.