Today’s NYT Connections- Hints and Answers for July 9, #394

Calling all word puzzle enthusiasts! The New York Time’s Connections or NYT Connections game for Tuesday, July 9th, 2024 (game #394) is here to test your vocabulary skills. Today’s puzzle offers a fun challenge with four categories of words, each with a unique theme.

This article will guide you through the clues and provide the answers for each category. But don’t worry, we won’t spoil the entire puzzle for you! We’ll offer hints to help you get started and encourage you to try solving it yourself.

The Categories and Clues

The NYT Connections puzzle provides four colored categories, each containing four words that share a hidden connection. Here’s a breakdown of the categories and the clues offered for today’s puzzle:

  • Yellow (Easiest): This category deals with ways to record or remember events and information.
  • Green (Easy): Here, you’ll find words describing messy or unkempt hair.
  • Blue (Medium): This category gets a little trickier. It involves the names of popular television shows, but with one letter missing!
  • Purple (Hardest): Put your thinking cap on! This category asks for words that follow the synonym for “bush.”

Hints to Get You Started

The NYT Connections puzzle offers additional hints to help you along the way. Here are some pointers for today’s game:

  • Extra Hint 1: Not all words belong together! “Tangle” and “Weed” belong to different categories.
  • Extra Hint 2: When considering “Shock” in this puzzle, think of it as a noun, not a verb.

Words For Today NYT Connections Game #394

The puzzle provides a list of sixteen words, and your task is to figure out how they fit into the four color categories. Here’s the complete list of words:

Journal, Register, Weed, Fund, Mane, Hog, Mop, Shock, Scrub, Maze, Tangle, Log, Cheer, Friend, Record, Trimmer

Ready to Solve? Let’s Explore Each Category

Now that you have a good understanding of the categories and clues, let’s delve into each one and explore the possible answers. Remember, the goal is to find the hidden connection that links all four words within a category.

Yellow: Recording the Past

This category seems straightforward. Think about things you use to write down or keep track of important information. Here are the four words provided:

  • Journal
  • Register
  • Log
  • Record

Can you guess the connection?

Answer: The hidden connection for yellow is “Chronicle.” All these words can be used to chronicle or record information, such as a daily journal, a historical record, or a register of events.

Green: A Hairy Situation

Moving on, let’s tackle the messy hair category. Here are the words:

  • Mane
  • Mop
  • Shock
  • Tangle

What could possibly tie these words together?

Answer: The connection for green is “Mess of Hair.” These words all describe different ways hair can be unkempt or messy, from a tangled mane to a shockingly wild hairstyle.

Blue: A Show by Any Other Name

This category throws a curveball. Here are the television show titles (with the “s” missing):

  • Cheer
  • Friend
  • Scrub
  • Weed

Can you figure out the missing letter and the hidden connection?

Answer: The connection for blue is “TV Shows Minus S.” By adding back the missing “s,” you get popular television show titles: Cheers, Friends, Scrubs, and (the unrelated word) Weeds.

Purple: Beyond the Bushes

The final category is the most challenging. Here are the words following a synonym for “bush”:

  • Fund
  • Hog
  • Maze
  • Trimmer

This one requires some creative thinking!

Answer: The connection for purple is “Words After Hedge.” “Hedge” is a synonym for “bush,” and these words all follow “hedge” in different contexts: hedge fund, hedge hog, hedge maze, and hedge trimmer.


By following the clues and using your vocabulary skills, you’ve successfully navigated the categories of today’s NYT Connections puzzle. Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep challenging yourself with these daily word games!

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