PUBG: Erangel Classic- Get Ready for a Nostalgic Return

Get ready to dust off your parachutes and gear up for a nostalgic trip down memory lane. For a limited-time event, PUBG Corporation is returning a fan favorite- Erangel Classic map!

PUBG: Erangel Classic- Get Ready for a Nostalgic Return
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This is your chance to revisit the iconic battleground where countless chicken dinners were earned (and lost) and legendary squad moments were forged. Whether you’re a seasoned player yearning for a return to the roots of PUBG or a newcomer eager to experience a legendary map, the Erangel Classic’s return promises an unforgettable PUBG experience.

Relive the Legend: A Classic Map for a Classic Experience

Erangel Classic is more than just a map; it’s an experience. This expansive island is brimming with iconic locations that veterans will instantly recognize – places like Mylta Powerplant, a School, a Military Base, and the ever-dangerous Rozhok.

New players will have the chance to discover these legendary landmarks for the first time. Each location offers unique strategic opportunities and challenges, making every match on Erangel Classic dynamic and unforgettable.

Key Details about the Erangel Classic Return

The Erangel Classic revival will be a limited-time event, allowing players to revisit (or experience this iconic map for the first time). Here are some of the key details:

1. Dates:

  • PC: May 14th (after live server maintenance) – May 28th, 7 AM UTC
  • Console: May 23rd (after live server maintenance) – June 6th, 7 AM UTC

2. Availability: Erangel Classic will be available as a separate game mode during the event period.

3. Objective: The core PUBG battle royale experience remains the same: 100 players parachute onto the map, scavenge for weapons and equipment, and fight to be the last player or team standing.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss the Erangel Classic Return

PUBG: Erangel Classic- Get Ready for a Nostalgic Return
image by Krafton

Whether you’re a seasoned PUBG veteran or a curious newcomer, there are several reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Erangel Classic return:

  • A Nostalgic Trip: For veterans, Classic Erangel is a chance to revisit the map where it all began. Prepare to reminisce about past victories, clutch plays, and the unique strategies that defined the early days of PUBG.
  • A Fresh Start for New Players: New players will have the opportunity to experience the game on the map that shaped PUBG’s identity. Classic Erangel offers a diverse landscape with a variety of environments, perfect for honing your skills and developing your own PUBG playstyle.
  • A Level Playing Field: With Erangel Classic being a separate game mode, players of all skill levels can jump in and have a fair shot at achieving that coveted chicken dinner.
  • A Chance to Master the Classics: Erangel Classic’s iconic landmarks offer strategic depth that rewards map knowledge and tactical awareness. This limited-time event is a perfect opportunity to learn the map’s layout, key loot locations, and strategic chokepoints.
  • Foggy and Rainy Weather: Remember that signature PUBG gloom? The melancholic atmosphere returns with the foggy and rainy weather conditions on the battlegrounds.
  • Bench Weapons: Looting for your favorite weapon at the start of the match was a classic Erangel experience. Get ready to fight for those early drops as bench weapons make a comeback on the starting island.
  • Vintage UI: Take a trip down memory lane with the return of the classic UI. The familiar world map, minimap, match start timer, and even the “charmingly tacky” fonts and graphics will greet you upon entering Erangel Classic.
  • Nostalgic Firearms: Get ready for a slightly different feel to your gunplay. Erangel Classic features reduced recoil on firearms, reminiscent of the early days of PUBG. The Tommy Gun also makes a return within Care Packages, just like in the good ol’ days.
  • Increased Knockdown Time & Scattered Gear: Prepare for a more strategic approach to combat. Erangel Classic features slightly increased knockdown times, similar to the past. Additionally, expect to find clothes and helmets scattered around the map, adding another layer to the looting experience.

Tips for Conquering Erangel Classic

PUBG: Erangel Classic- Get Ready for a Nostalgic Return
image by Krafton

Here are a few tips to help you dominate the competition during the Erangel Classic return:

  • Landing Strategy: Erangel Classic offers a variety of landing options, from high-risk, high-reward hot drops to safer, more strategic locations. Decide on your approach based on your comfort level and playstyle.
  • Loot Knowledge: Familiarize yourself with the loot distribution across Erangel. Certain locations are known for spawning high-tier weapons and equipment, while others offer more basic supplies.
  • Vehicle Management: Vehicles are essential for traversing Erangel’s vast landscape. Use them strategically to rotate to the safe zone, flank enemies, or escape combat situations.
  • Master the Terrain: Erangel features diverse terrain, from rolling hills and open fields to dense forests and urban environments. Use the environment to your advantage by taking cover and utilizing the natural flow of the map.
  • Communication and Teamwork: If you’re playing with friends, utilize voice chat to coordinate strategies, share information, and cover each other’s flanks. Effective communication can be the difference between victory and defeat.

A Celebration of PUBG’s Legacy

The return of Erangel Classic is more than just a limited-time event; it’s a celebration of PUBG’s legacy. This iconic map continues to hold a special place in the hearts of players worldwide. So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a curious newcomer, don’t miss this opportunity to drop into Erangel and experience a legendary piece of PUBG history!


Q&A Section

Q: Is Erangel Classic replacing the current Erangel permanently?

A: No. Erangel Classic is a limited-time event available from May 14th (PC) and May 23rd (consoles) until May 28th (PC) and June 6th (consoles). After the event concludes, the normal Erangel map will return.

Q: Will Ranked Mode be available on Erangel Classic?

A: No. Erangel Classic is exclusive to Normal Matches.

Q: Where can I find more information about Erangel Classic?

A: Keep an eye out for the Patch Notes releasing on May 13th for a comprehensive breakdown of all the classic features and adjustments coming with Erangel Classic.

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